Those interested in sharing web sites and resources should bookmark using and use the tagging standards to send your information to the correct group!

What is social bookmarking? is a "social bookmarking" service but we will call it "educational bookmarking" for this project. It is a place that you can bookmark web pages and share them with your group.

Why would we use it?

When you arrive to class, you will be able to look at the research that has happened from your teammates around the world by looking at the bookmarks.

Here is how you set up bookmarking:

1) Go to and sign up for an account. You must make your bookmarks public.
Remember to use an appropriate and professional pseudonym for yourself and not to reveal private information there. You may enter your e-mail because they need that for you to set up an account.

2) If you use firefox, you should install the plug ins that will make it easier to bookmark your work.

Item A - Tag button added to a firefox toolbar. You click this when on a page you want to bookmark!
external image ff_3b.png
3) When you find a page that is relevant to your topic, bookmark it using delicious (See item A above.)

4) Enter your description and tag. You type in a summary description of the page (it is important because it will go onto your wiki using RSS. Trick: If you highlight words from the page and then click Tag, it will put those highlighted words in as the description.) Also, add your tag using the standards below.

Make sure you tag it correctly! Tags are one of the most important new features in this new "educational networking" world. Here is our tagging standard:

(subgroups may want to add an additional tagging standard here as well. If you do, add it here. You must use BOTH tags!)

User Created content: user_content hz07
Social Networking: social_networking hz07
Mobile Phones: mobile hz07
Virtual Worlds: virtual_worlds hz07
The New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication: scholarship hz07
Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming: educational_games hz07

5) Access your bookmarks any time you choose. Click the bookmark button as shown in Item B.
Item B - The button takes you to all of your bookmarks.
external image ff_3a.png
6) You can see all of the items tagged as shown below. (just click on edit to see how it was done and put the code on your page.)

Insert RSS feeds for tags below.