Teams and Responsibilities

Team Structure

Student teams and collaboration structure

  • There will be SIX teams based on the six trends detailed in the Horizon Report
  • Each team will consist of a Project Manager (PM) and 4 subgroups (2-3 students in each)
  • Each sub-group will create a wiki page (see template)
  • Each team will create a wiki page based on the work completed in each sub-group (see template)
  • Each individual student will create a multimedia artifact and embed it on the appropriate wiki page
  • Students will discuss using the discussion tab on their wiki (main wiki for overall group topics, trend wiki for the trends)
  • Students will use to bookmark their research and share it with others. These will be pulled into the wiki using RSS.

Project Manager Job Description

  • To take charge of primary editing of the MAIN project wiki page that knits the 4 subgroups together for that trend/topic/team
  • To make sure that the subgroups contribute content to the main wiki page as well as work on their own sub-page
  • To make sure that there are links to the other projects and to facilitate discussions/meetings/conversations within the group as well as give peer feedback to the other teams
  • To communicate regularly with the class teachers as to progress and discuss problems and issues as they arise
  • To create a personal multimedia artefact based on the team topic that may include some content from the subgroups for that team
  • To ensure all work is completed within the essential time frame
  • Project Manager Home Page - We will share thoughts and directions for the PM's here.

Team Member Job Description

  • To collaborate with other member(s) to create a wiki page for the given trend/topic
  • To complete a personal multimedia artefact based on the trend/topic and embed this in the wiki
  • To follow the given template and the assessment rubrics
  • To communicate, interact and complete essential work within the given time frame


International School Dhaka (ISD); Westwood (WW); Vienna International School (VIS); Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC); Shanghai American School (SAS)

NOTE: One team will need 3 members and they will cover education!!
All other teams will have 2 members!!

1. User-Created Content

  • Project Manager for UCC: Sabbab (ISD)
  • Subgroups:
    • UCC Wiki A (Impact on education) - Members: Clare R (PLC), Nelson (SAS); Sabbab (ISD)
    • UCC Wiki B and C (Impact on government, politics and employment) - Members: Salvi (ISD), Kun Young (SAS) and (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure) - Members: Ji Seong (SAS), Sourov (ISD)
    • UCC Wiki D - (Impact on science and health) - Members: Mustafa A (VIS) and Ty B (WW)

2. Social Networking

  • Project Manager for SN: Casey (WW)
  • Subgroups:
    • SN Wiki A (Impact on Education)
      • Members: Salma (ISD), Alicia (SAS), Sofie F (VIS)
    • SN Wiki B (Impact on Government, Politics, and Employment)
      • Members: Andrew G (WW), Kristina (SAS)
    • SN Wiki C (Impact on Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure)
      • Members: Kristy S (WW), Shamistha S (PLC)
    • SN Wiki D (Impact on Science, Environment, and Health)
      • Members: Katrina (SAS), Sasha C (VIS)

3. Mobile Phones

  • Project Manager for MP: Katie B (WW)
  • Subgroups:
    • MP Wiki A - (Impact on Education) Members: Atif (ISD), Kevin (SAS), Angeline Y (PLC)
    • ***This page combined with Wiki C - Arts Entertainment and Leisure- (Impact on Government, Politics, and Employment) Members: Tyler F (WW); Kyung Soo D (VIS) (Original page at MP Wiki B)
    • MP Wiki C - (Impact on Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure) Members: Ginger(SAS), Ali K (VIS)
    • MP Wiki D: - (Impact on Science, Environment, and Health) Members: Hui Min (SAS), Marina G (PLC)

4. Virtual Worlds

  • Project Manager for VW: Collin (WW)
  • Subgroups:
    • VW Wiki A - Members: Andrew S (WW), Mariska H (PLC), Henry S (VIS)
    • VW Wiki B - Members: Collin E (WW), Albert P (VIS)
    • VW Wiki C - Members: Trenton (WW), Joanna (SAS)
    • VW Wiki D - Members: Shakila (ISD), Isabel L (PLC)

5. New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication

  • Project Manager for NSEFP: Cannelle (ISD)
  • Subgroups:
    • NSEFP Wiki A [EDUCATION] - Omar (ISD), Trey H (WW), Ksenia (SAS)

6. Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming

  • Project Manager for MMEG: Tamara S (PLC), Salmaan (ISD)
  • Subgroups:
    • MMEG A - Impact on Education: Salmaan (ISD), Lee (SAS), Aziz R(VIS)
    • MMEG B - Impact on Politics, Government, and Employment: Drew (WW), Kuan Ju (SAS), Tamara S (PLC)
    • MMEG C - Impact on Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure: Matt T (WW); Stephanie V (PLC)
    • MMEG D - Impact on Health, Science, and Environment: Derek (SAS), David B (VIS)