Student Summit

Tuesday May 15 - Friday May 18
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Elluminate recordings

Session 1 - Julie opens the summit with her ISD students. Vicki gives a little intro. Barbara joins in later.
Session 2 - WHS Students present in the youth summit - .jnlp?psid=2007-05-15.1116.M .ADFF8C3E3AAFB018014C360A1494E B.vcr

Summit Format

Students will be invited to present a brief review of their work according to a pre-determined agenda. Topics/trends covered will depend on which schools are involved for each of the main sessions.
Summit Session overview:
  • Moderator introduces the session and welcomes classes and guests
  • Moderator gives basic overview of tools to be used and expectations of participants
  • Each trend covered has a brief introduction from a student (the relevant PM or proxy)
  • The introduction is followed by students from that trend presenting individually and answering questions
  • ALL summit sessions will have at least two of the 5 classrooms in session as well as other international guests
  • ALL summit sessions will be recorded.
Students are to prepare the following:
  1. A photo of themselves (.jpg, no more than 100kb)
  2. An artifact to share (e.g. a .jpg file, a short (2-3 slides) PPT)
Students are to prepare answers for:
  1. What is the most significant trend for your topic?
  2. What is the best resource you found for this project?
  3. What is your prediction in this trend/area of impact that you think is most likely to happen?
  4. Share your artifact on the public screen

Calendar Events

Time-zone chart

This chart represents each school and approximately when they are in school. If someone can think of a better way to show this please contribute. For example PLC is the first to start the school day (Geographically), then SAS starts about 2 hours later, ISD another 2 hours later, VIS another 4 hours later and then WW 6 hours after that. It is quite clear that WW only overlaps with one other school, VIS for a possible 2-hour segment of the school day.