These are our target dates:

Thursday April 12

  • Horizon Project announced to educational community (Class teacher blogs)
  • Rubric created and posted for feedback from class teachers and judges (via blogs)
  • Final Classrooms Announced (posted on wiki front page and announced in blogs)
  • Final announcements of those involved in this project and student teams (Class teacher blogs and wiki)
  • Sounding Board Sign-ups (Training for Sounding Board Released?)
  • Researcher sign-up
  • Journalist panel

Tuesday April 17

  • Classrooms introduce themselves (wiki and blogs)
  • Judges announced (wiki and blogs)
  • Assessment criteria (final rubrics) announced and project objectives made clear to classrooms and judges (wiki and blogs)
  • Student Awards program announced (wiki and blogs)

Wednesday April 18 onwards for 3 weeks

  • Kickoff and Project Work (Check back for deadlines)

Wednesday April 23

  • Expert Reviewers will be providing feedback on your main group wiki page.
  • Peer Review Sounding Boards will begin reviewing your project.

Wednesday April 30

  • Second set of Peer review from the Sounding Boards will begin. (Remember to subscribe to your wiki's discussions over RSS!)

Monday May 14 (by sunset)

  • Final Project Due on the Wiki (all content)

Tuesday May 15 to Thursday May 17 (over 72 hours)

  • Youth Summit and Presentations (students sign up, online location to be announced)

Wednesday May 23

  • Awards Ceremony