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New Scholarship And Emerging Forms of Publication

Overview of NSEFP by Cannelle Cuvelier

  • Omar (ISD)
  • Victoria (SAS)
  • Ksenia (SAS)

Topic and Introduction:

Traditionally academic scholarship has been on paper . Many schools are still using pencil and paper as their primary source of information and learning. Although pencil and paper has been useful and has served it's purpose, there is a new faster and easier way to learn and write. The invention of the typewriter and wordprocessor made writing easy and almost effortless.

The creation of the Internet and World Wide Web has made learning fun and easy . Since we are in the 21st century, all of the schools and learning institutions should use computers as their main source of information, writing, and printing. The computer overrides or basically puts a pencil and a piece of paper to shame. The World no longer needs a pencil, we now have a great machine called the COMPUTER

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external image Cyber.gif With the advent of blogs , wikis , podcast , video , and bookmarks . Also tagging services such as twitter has made learning and publication be furthered and almost perfected. The word blog Blogs consist of clip-art, photos, videos, and text.

external image icon60_shr.gif Blogs can give information on anything happening in the world today. A blog is a user-generated website where people can post entries in a journal style format. politics, sciences, religion, and new technologies that are developed.

external image icon60_con.gifSome blogs act as personal journals and diaries. One website that is strictly for blogging is blogger , a place that allows users to create and post blogs.

external image icon60_pub.gif A wiki is a website that allows a user to create,edit, and add information without having to register at that site. Many wikis are being created around the world. Wikipedia is website that combines several pages of information into one site.

external image icon60_pst.gifA tag is something that allows a user to mark or "tag" a site that is memorable or helpful to them. Tags make research papers and projects like this easier because one can keep track of his/her favorite and most useful sources of information.A great tagging service is del.icio.us .


There are several new emerging forms of publication. Many schools, authors, and teachers are changing the way they teach and publicize. In schools, new forms of publication and digital learning has made learning more interactive, and this has created a greater impact on students. The image below compares traditional learning, to the interactive type of learning we see existent and developing today.
Taken from:
Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation

Many authors are starting to use nontraditional ways of publication. Many authors are using wikis, blogs, podcast, and videos to publicize their works. All of this takes place before the book is published, this is called, "prepublication through nontraditional channels."

Authors who use prepublication through nontraditional channels are getting better sales results versus the authors who use the traditional ways of publication and publicizing their books.

external image twitter.png?1179127282 In addition to new forms of publication there are new forms of scholarship that are also emerging. Several schools and classrooms are using the computer to teach and share information. Many schools like the ones in this project use cutting edge technology to teach students. Blogs, wikis, videos, and podcast are the most common used forms of scholarship in a cutting edge school. Some blogging scholars say that " the forum for airing ideas and receiving comments from their colleagues helps them to hone their thinking and explore avenues they might otherwise have overlooked."

external image logo.gif Many schools think that blogging and wikiing are not as effective as reading and writing. Most worry that blogging will take time away from the traditional studying and writing. Some think that information in wikis, blogs, podcast, and videos are not as researched as information in a report or project that is handwritten. However, little do they realize that now, and in the near future, research papers and well-developed theses are being published through these new emerging forms of publication.

external image elggnetrebrand.gif We find that these new forms of publication reach the masses much faster than print or highly edited audio and video media. In a world where time is of the essence, accessibility and speed of disseminating information is crucial in maintaining learexternal image podcasts.gifning and development. New forms of publication, specifically the digital media, allows for greater communication and learning across oceans and continents, which is essential to a world that is "shrinking" due to technology.


Current News


    The Espresso Book Machine: An ATM for books

    "Buying a book could soon be as easy as buying a pack of gum. After several years in development, the Espresso - a $50,000 vending machine with a conceivably infinite library - is nearly consumer-ready and will debut in ten to 25 libraries and bookstores in 2007. The New York Public Library is scheduled to receive its machine in February." [Emily Baltby, CNNMoney.com]

    The Inauguration of the Espresso Printing Machine took place on April 6, 2006, at the World Bank Infosession. You can see a video of the alpha Espresso Book Machine producing a book in seven minutes by clicking here (requires Apple's Quicktime Video Player version 6.5, available for download here). Additional Link: The Future of Books (MIT Technology Review)

    Online knowledge sharing tools: any use in Africa?

    Knowledge sharing has taken place at all times but, over the last two decades, the emergence of digital technologies in general and the Internet in particular have revolutionized knowledge sharing activities. The two World Summits on the Information Society (Geneva 2002 and Tunis 2005) have also emphasized the importance of ICTs as a development tool in general and a knowledge sharing vehicle in particular. In the WSIS Declaration of Principles, Government representatives from all over the world re-affirm their belief in the beneficiary impact ICTs can and will have as the catalyst of the Information Society and in spreading knowledge to all corners of the globe.

    Donors and practitioners should continue to promote the use of digital tools for knowledge sharing yet, at the same time keep, an open mind for the limitations of these technologies. Efforts to develop local solutions, including the Africanization of the Internet, should be encouraged as it increases a sense of ownership and can integrate local knowledge sharing habits. This applies to the technology itself but even more so content and application development. In the end, what donors should do is accept that African CSOs will find their own way of using the Internet as a knowledge sharing tool.

    The 'blog' revolution sweeps across Chinablog_or_not.jpg

    It took a chance online encounter between a software engineer from Shanghai and a teacher in a remote province of China to start shaking up the power balance between the people and the government of the world’s most populous nation.

    In August 2002, Isaac Mao, who worked at the Shanghai office of the chip maker Intel, was one of only a handful of people in China who had heard the word “blog”. A regular web surfer, he was fascinated by the freedom these online journals gave to ordinary people to publish both their own and their readers’ views online.

    Surfing the US website blogger.com, Mao was thrilled to find Zheng Yunsheng, a teacher at a technical school in Fujian province. He left a message on Zheng’s blog, and two weeks later Mao and Zheng started CNBlog.org, China’s first online discussion forum about blogging technology and culture. They soon gathered a small but devoted group of participants, many of whom went on to develop the technology that makes blogging possible for China’s half-a-million bloggers.

    Overview of Areas of Impact

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    external image OxinetSummary.jpgMEMBERS:
    Omar (ISD)
    Trey (WW)
    Ksenia (SAS)

    Jordan (WW)
    Charles (SAS)

    Anna C (VIS)
    Ji Lynn (PLC)

    Victoria (SAS)
    Miranda (VIS)

    PROJECT MANAGER: Cannelle Cuvelier (ISD)

    New Scholarship - Impact on Education

    external image serif-in-education.jpgTeam Members: Omar (ISD), Trey (WW), Ksenia (SAS)
    Impact on education plays an essential part based upon the trend of “New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication”. Educators and Scholars need to not be so scared or skeptical of using something new and different. Academics can collaborate with a wide variety of educators and experts on education and new technologies to teach and related disciplines. In this section, we researched and concluded different opinions on three sections:
    • Prekindergarten and Elementary Education
    • Middle and High school Education
    • College

    Currently schools all over the world are relying more and more on computers. Some school even require students to have laptops or else they wont be accepted into the school. So the reliabitliy of laptops around the world is growing."The computers are handy for writing essays, Internet searches on historical figures and more detailed programming for specialty courses such as business education and art, students," said a teacher from the South Milwaukee High School. Therefore in the future, schools will fully depend on computers for both classes and homework since they are faster and more convinient source of information.In the United States today, there is almost one computer for every four students, according to the U.S. Department of Education. In the next couple of years that number is expected to rise up to one computer per every two or three people, if enough money will be supplied.

    • Trey (Westwood Schools)

    By Trey (Westwood Schools)
    The video above focuses on the general background, advantages and disadvantages and impacts (commonly on education) on “New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication”.

    • Ksenia (Shanghai American School)

    By Ksenia (Shanghai American School)
    The video above focuses on the general background, advantages and disadvantages and impacts (commonly on education) on “New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication”. People who contributed to this video are Alicia Schaefer and Kristina Theleeen.

    • Omar (International School Dhaka)

    by Omar (International School Dhaka, Bangladesh)

    The video above focuses on the general background, advantages and disadvantages and impacts (commonly on education) on “New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication”. I would like to thank Ksenia, and Cannelle for contributing for the video I have made based upon the trend.

    external image education%20illustration.jpgexternal image child_education.jpg

    New Scholarship - Impact on Employment, Politics, and Government

    Team Members: Jordan (WW), Charles (SAS)
    Our group studied the impact on employment and politics according to the rising trend of "New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication" in current and futuristic terms.

    New Scholarship - Impact on Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure

    external image bta_blogging_8_010_2006_1-790728.jpgTeam Members: Anna C (VIS), Ji Lynn (PLC)
    This trend has impacted the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure as they brought it to a new level by new technology and is done online.

    Nontraditional methods are being used in evaluating work. People publish an online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia and add add information which helps others search for information.

    Some of the forms of New Scholarship, Arts, Entertainment and Leisure are:
    • Wikipedia:

    • Blogger:

    New Scholarship Impact on Science, the Environment, and Health

    Team Members: Miranda S(VIS), Victoria (SAS)
    plos.JPGOur team discussed the present and future impact of new scholarship and emerging forms of publiction on science, health and the environment.

    We see an increasing trend of scientists and researchers sharing data and research papers through the internet.

    We also noticed a rise in forums discussing environmental, science and health issues, allowing individuals from all over the world to discuss pertinent issues that affect us all.

    Possible Developments/Changes in the Future of the Environment, Science and Health:
    - Strengthened global effort to save the environment fueled by online discussions, forums and blogs.
    - Increased scientific collaboration allowing for greater breakthroughs in a shorter amount of time.
    - Diagnosis of illnesses made by individuals without consulting a general practitioner.
    - Greater medical knowledge and more informed health choices.

    Online Environmental Forums - Are they having the impact they should?
    Creator: Victoria Martin (SAS)
    Contributor(s): Miranda Sollychin (VIS) - interviews with student and teacher
    Description: Emerging forms of publication have been utilized the raise awareness about environmental issues, however are these forms of publication being utilized as effectively and as widely as they should be?

    Resource Documentation

    • Collaborative Tools

    external image skype_weemee.png Twitter
    Twitter is a program that lets other people know what you're doing. Basically, it looks like an instant
    messaging or big forum. We tried using Twitter so that everyone could express their feelings, tell each
    other what they were working on, etc. But it didn't work out.

    external image skype_screensaver.png
    Skype is a voip program that enables you to call people anywhere for free. We planned on using it, but
    the time differences made it hard for us to be connected at the same time. Also not everyone wanted to
    use it so we decided to drop it after a while.

    external image skype_banners.pngEmail
    Quite a few of us contacted one another by email. The PM was also able to email all of the members at
    the same time to remind them of things that needed to be done. Also when students had questions, they
    emailed the PM, for a quicker response.

    external image skype_movies.pngFacebook
    Some students were part of the social networking site Facebook.com. Thus we became 'friends' onto the
    website to talk to each other, get to know each other better and to keep in touch once this project is finished.
    Some used it to correspond ideas.

    external image skype_email.pngYouSendIt
    Using Yousentit made it easier to send and receive files from and to one another. It did not always work, and
    it takes quite a while to download/upload files, but it was useful. The only problem is that the files expire after
    a few days and thus are limited.

    • Creation Tools

    • Citation Tool


    Related Information

    Networked Books: Books are on the internet in prepublication format, where users can leave comments of the authors work.