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Title- Mobile Phones
Author- Katie, WW, 2007
Contributors- Ginger (SAS)-Video, Angeline (PLC)- video, Tyler (WW)-video, Marina (PLC)-interview by her

People who sent video:
Ginger (SAS)
Angeline (PLC)
Tyler (WW)
Marina (PLC)

Topic and Introduction

Mobile Phones

Does everybody remember the bag phone of the early 90's? Well mobile phones have come an extremely long way for that device. Early phones wereexternal image 7474_MotImage.jpg devices that allowed people to communicate with each other over an analog signal. This was an extreme limitation. With the invention of digital signal, we as communicators were introduced to Text messages. Gone are the analog bag phones of the past. Now we have pocket sized multi media devices that allow us to send video, pictures, watch live TV, and browse the internet any where that we are at any time. This has allowed us, through the use of mobile phones, to revolutionize media and information that is available to the public.

Today, mobile phones are used to get on the internet, make videos, send e-mail and text messages, play music, take pictures, and as they are meant to do, call people. The new trends and technologies of the mobile phones will never end. Mobile phones are changing the future. Now and in the future, you will no longer need an iPod. The new iPhone, made by Mac, has multiple mobile technologies put into one. It is a "wide screen iPod, a revolutionary phone, a breakthrough internet device, and high technology."(1) The revolution of the mobile phone is like a snowball that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. By the looks of it, its is never going to stop. Eventually the mobile phone will be the centerpiece of every electronic arsenal the world, be it for business, government, entertainment, or education.

The future of mobile phones is not limited. The ideas are wide open and are getting wilder and wilder everyday. Soon they will be "used as The battery, display, and storage technology is making it possible to put more and more things into the new, smaller mobile phones.(2) credit cards to pay for groceries and airline tickets, ID cards to swipe at security checkpoints and data storage devices."(2) The usual things and devices you use in your everyday life, besides your basic cell phone, are now being incorporated into the small portable mobile phone. It is amazing that you can do so many things now with your cell phone, but in the future you will be able to do so many more things.

The advancement of the mobile phone industry is having a great impact on our lives. More and more convenient features and functions are starting to become common among mobile phones. What will the future look like in your opinion? The potential of mobile phones from different opinions are discussed.
By Ginger H, China, 2007
In the video: Old Motorolla phone models, Nokia 3350, LG C1400, Nokia E61, Sony Ericsson w300i, Nokia E61, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson S500i, Sony Ericsson w200i, Nokia 5130, Apple iPhone future design, Mr. Shaun McElroy (SAS counselor), Johnny K (SAS senior student), Victoria M (SAS senior student)

Nokia Design

Videos for the future technologies of mobile phones. Nokia has a collection of four videos of the future of mobile phones. The videos are divided into four different categories: achieve, connect, live, and explore. The videos are not actual phones that Nokia is making, the videos are just videos about what the Nokia Design teams thinks will happen with the future of mobile phones. They are pretty amazing videos and have great ideas for future emerging technologies in the mobile phone field.

The video on achieve is about members of an architechtural firm who are working together to win a project. They send information through wireless conferencing and remote presentations with bluetooth for clear communication.
external image MK-AJ503_ALERT_20070417185818.jpg
The next video is about connecting. A grandmother uses interfaces scaled up to wall mounted touch screens. It envisions spoken words translated into readable text messages.

The third video is about living and inspiring senses. In this video, the people take pictures of different textures and patterns and it makes the actual phone change to what the picture is taken of and in any color the person wants. Also, by the touch of two phones together electronic business cards are transferred from one phone to another.

The last video is on exploring and sharing discoveries. An astronomy obsession leads a man to scale a tall building and capture and sort pictures along the way. Although he is by himself people know what he is doing. He is sharing what he is doing with people all over the world with the touch of a finger.

Short movie about the future of Mobile Phones

Background and Trends

Mobile phones have recently been adapted to allow ordinary people to participate in something called citizen journalism, which is when everyday people are able to take pictures and video of events as they are happening. This happened in London in July 2005. The major news channels air footage taken from cell phones as their coverage. In citizen journalism the people who witness news tell the story. Cell phones have taken news form the second hand perspective to first hand accounts.

external image uncleroy.jpgInteractive programs and games are also emerging, like Uncle Roy All Around You, created by Blast Theory in the UK, allows individuals to try to find "Uncle Roy", using computers and mobile phones that allow players to communicate and interact with each other, and locate each other using location-detecting technology.(3) This game allows players, online or street, to use their mobile phone or computer technology effectively, such as text-messaging, visual and sound recording, and cameras.

654.JPGMobile phones have also revolutionized the film industry. With video cameras being built into almost every phone that is sold today, anyone is able to shoot a video at anytime they would like. The MFM ( Mobile Film Makers ) is an organization for movie makers using mobile technology. In all truth, mobile phones have created a completely new genre of movies. Now you don't need millions of dollars and a professional grade movie studio to make a movie, you just whip out your video phone and shoot what every you like.

external image products_mobitv.jpg Now you can watch your favorite TV shows in English or Spanish, listen to your favorite channel on XM, or listen to your favorite radio channel from your mobile phone. Courtesy of many major programming channels you can watch any TV show from the select channels provided. MobiTV is a site which you can get mobile TV, mobile XM, mobile TV in Spanish, and Mobile Radio.

Today, social networking sites have started to incorporate their sites into mobile phone capable technology. Helio's have myspace mobile capabilities where you can "exclusive easy-to-use interface, get 4 additional pics on your profile, add friends, send messages, post comments [and] bulletins, [and] blog."(4) Facebook can now be accessed from mobile phones also. Facebook mobile is "an easy way to upload photos and notes to facebook via SMS and MMS messages, and a tool to receive new Facebook messages on your phone via SMS."(5)

external image howitworks.gifNow you can begin to get skype on your mobile phones. Skype can be downloaded on your phone through EQO, when you download this you will be able to SkypeOut. This allows you to use your mobile phone to skype your buddies on either their computer, or you can skype your buddy on his or her land phone or mobile phone. Before you install EQO on your mobile phone you will first have to install skype on your computer and create an account.

external image gal3-p3300_frnt.jpg
GPS mapping features are creeping into the mobile phone market lately. It is very convenient for mobile people, like businessmen who need to get around town and go on business trips using the least amount of time. GPS mapping features allows people to be efficient in finding their way around places. Nokia has already adopted this feature in their phones, like N95, which has a built-in GPS feature, along with a 3G phone. GPS can also be helpful during long distant travels, where the phone can register with the local network and provide the tourist with the map of the local area, so that the tourist wouldn't get lost and would know where to find places that he or she might enjoy.

external image projectorlg.gifAnother new trend is the pocket projector. It is a miniature projector that could be used with a cell phone or iPod. "The projector developed at Microvision is composed of two main parts: a set of red, blue, and green lasers made of semiconductor material, such as gallium indium arsenide, and a mirror--one millimeter across--that tilts on two axes. The lasers shine on the mirror, and the mirror reflects the pixel of light onto a wall or other surface. The intensities of the lasers change to produce different colors: when all three are pumping out light full blast, the pixel is white; when all three are off, the pixel is black. Other colors are produced from various combinations in between."(6) With this, you will be able to watch things on the wall or on your ceiling or anywhere you would like, and many people will be able to watch it instead of one person.

Video about a new kind of phone - completely open mobile phone

Current News

Recent Mobile Phones News
Latest Blog Posts About Mobile Phones

    Overview of Areas of Impact

    Impact on Education

    Team Members: Atif (ISD), Kevin (SAS), Angeline Y (PLC)
    This wiki is about the trend of mobile phones impact on education and looks at three different subcatergories:
    • Elementary School
    • Middle/High School
    • College Education

    The current impact, future impact and what needs to happened is discussed on this page.

    Impact on Employment; Impact on Politics and Government

    Team Members: Tyler F (WW), Kyung Soo D (VIS)
    This is where you will learn how the mobile phone has revolutionized government and politics. Phones have been used to take polls and send campaign messages. In todays flattened world, governments could never progress without the mobile phone.

    Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure/Employment, Politics, and Government

    26196-sony.jpgTeam Members: Ginger(SAS), Ali K (VIS)
    This impact wiki discusses the current and future impact that mobile phones have on arts, entertainment and leisure. This includes the current functions and features of mobile phones related to arts, games and software developed as a result of the features of mobile phones, movies, music, images etc. It also predicts what will happen to the mobile phone trend for the next few years, regarding this aspect. The creation of artistic-related files, like music files and images, the editing features, and the sharing features of mobile phones are also discussed.

    Impact on Science and the Environment; Impact on Health

    Team Members: Hui Min (SAS), Marina G (PLC)
    This wiki will walk you through topics concerning your health, the environment and science; in relation to mobile phones.

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