Massively Multi-player Educational Gaming

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Title: Massively Multiplayer Educational Games
Creator: Salmaan B (ISD) Project Manager
Description: This is an introduction to the MMEG trend and the areas of impact researched.

Description: How it will be used in the future and what people think of it know.
Author: Tamara Singham, Project Manager
School: PLC

Title: An introduction to MMEG
Description: Introduction to the effects of MMEGs
Author: Hsiang-Lee P.
School: SAS Senior

Title: An introduction to MMEG
Description: Effects of MMEGs on Gov, Tech, and what is MMEG
Author: KuanJu Chen
School: SAS Senior

Topic and Introduction

Massively Multi-player Educational Gaming (MMOS)
A teacher once said to me if you hear it you will forget it, if you see it you will remember it and if you do it you will know it. massively multi-player educational gaming systems are making it possible for students to get hands on experience every single day at school. instead of boring old lectures in which the teacher is lucky if two or three students remember what the points of the lecture were. MMOs have the ability to make school and education fun and to make students want to come to school. MMOs are educational they are typically a single player or a group of players working towards a common goal and learning on the way there whilst having fun.

Description: Impact of MMEG's On Art, Entertainment and Leisure
Author: Stephanie V
School: PLC


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When people say "Serious Games" that usually means games that have educational purpose and non entertainment goals. the Educators are taking a very in depth look at one type of game" Massively Multi-player educational games" and find great potential for teacher and students. even thought these games are time consuming and quite expensive to produce. the interest on the subject is very high and developments in the open-source arena are bringing them closer and closer to the mainstream adoption year by year
In the last year the interest and trend of educational gaming has exploded and so has the discussion and research. The Educational MMO's are just like regular games when they combine a carefully crafted setting with specific educational objectives. What makes these games so interesting is how they have multi player on just about everyone. This way all of the kid and or adults can work in groups and help each other or just get the goal solo

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"The Nintendo Surgeon"external image 20251309laadb.jpg
When you walk into the laparoscopic surgery department at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, and one thing immediately catches your eye are video games, there is a X-Box, a Playstation 2, side by side with medical-related items.
Unique skills are required for this modern minimally invasive surgey called laparoscopic surgery. urgery," it is performed by inserting instruments through very small incisions. One instrument has a camera and fiber-optic light, while other instruments are the surgical tools used to operate.
This operation is done by looking at a tesivision and holding the two sticks that your control, like joysticks. This envoroment is more like a video game then a typical surgery.
Wanting to know just how much video game experience affects laparoscopic performance, Rosse a labaroscopic surgeon led a study of surgeons and surgical residents who took a laparoscopic training course he created called Top Gun. He compared surgeons who said they played video games at least three hours a week to those who never played.
As he and others reported in the journal Archives of Surgery, the gamers performed significantly better. They made 37% fewer errors, worked 27% faster, and scored 42% higher overall on the training task.
With only 33 surgeons involved, the study was a small one. Also, an "invited critique" of the study notes, "This study does not indicate that good Top Gun scores decrease deaths or increase patient safety.

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    Overview of Areas of Impact

    Impact on Education

    Team Members:
    Salmaan (ISD), Lee (SAS), Aziz R(VIS) - This team has analyzed this trend's impact on education and has looked at three subcategories: 1) Elementary School, 2) Middle/ High School, and 3) College Education.
    This our wiki: MMEG A

    Title: Use of MMEG in ISD
    Creator: Salmaan B (ISD)
    Description: This video looks at a potential future for MMEGs in the curriculum at ISD.

    Impact on Employment; Impact on Politics and Government

    Team Members:
    Drew (WW), Kuan Ju (SAS), Tamara S (PLC) - we analyzed the impacts on Employment and politics and we discovered a new race for a different kind of job and we also discovered how the government is being effected. As a quick summary the impact on employment is changing because as technology increases so will everything that consists of it. The Government remains more concerned the violence that Multi-player games is causing but they are also investing in it as it is a profitable organization.

    This our wiki: MMEG B

    Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

    Team Members:
    Matt T (WW); Stephanie V (PLC) - This team has analyzed their topic's impact on the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure.
    This our wiki: MMEG C
    Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming in Arts, Entertainment and Leisure
    Recently, the prospect of multiplayer educational gaming has come up in the Hollywood film, "Stormbreaker"; the multiplayer game "Machinima" is based on learning to make movies incorporating machine graphics. Games have been created that let people experience situations in the entertainment industry as well. Game creation is such a complicated, advanced process nowadays that it could even be called an art. There is no doubt that the arts and entertainment industry will take full advantage of the growing attraction educational gaming poses to youths today, which makes the future of MMEG's look bright. Also, with technology advancing at it's current rate, there is no way to predict how MMEG's will affect arts, entertainment and leisure; however, the prospect is looking very good.

    Impact on Science and the Environment; Impact on Health

    Team Members:
    Derek (SAS), David B (VIS) - This team has analyzed these two areas of impact which are on Science and the Environment and Impact on Health.
    This our wiki: MMEG D

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