These teachers, educators, and administrators have agreed to participate in the project by reviewing and providing feedback and a "score" on a judging rubric for purposes of providing feedback to the students and teachers on this project on some of the wikis. (Each reviewer will have 5-6 wikis depending on the total number of reviewers who are interested in taking a bit.) At the conclusion of the project, they will be asked to provide their observations to improve the methodologies used in this project so that we can be better teachers and that so better best practices can emerge for future projects with the goal to create duplicative projects for teachers around the world to use in the future. (We hope to have 8 members of this panel - 6 wikis each. Two panelists review each wiki.)

During Project Feedback - Week of April 23

Adult experts will give specific feedback to groups within their area of expertise by leaving discussion on the wikis of their group on or around April 23rd and by tagging sites in delicious using our tagging standards so that it will be "fed" to the group wiki research page.
Lee Baber - User Created Content
Judy O'Connell - Social Networking. Blogs: HeyJude and Bibliosphere News. Delicious Links: HeyJude
Beth Ritter-Guth - Virtual Worlds
Stewart Mader - The New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication, Blog: Using Wiki in Education, bio
Kelly Christopherson - Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming K - 12 school principal; Blog:
Steve Dembo - Mobile Phones, Discovery Educator Network, Teach42

Post Project Feedback/ Judging

Full Bios

Steve Dembo - Steve began his educational career as a kindergarten teacher. After spending four years in the classroom, he began serving as the school's Director of Technology. Steve joined Discovery as Online Community Manager for the Discovery Educator Network,and is a pioneer in the field of educational podcasting. His blog and podcast, Teach42, have served as the inspiration for hundreds of other educators. He is passionate about education and works with teachers around the globe in their efforts to explore and integrate new technologies in the classroom. Steve has presented at IL-TCE, MACUL, TRETC, METC, PETE&C, the Connecting & Learning Conference, and the DEN National Leadership Conference. He has also conducted numerous virtual presentations and hosts Discovery School's EdTechConnect monthly webinar series. If you'd like to learn more about Steve, his permanent record is publicly available on Google.