Horizon Project Awards

Student Awards

See the full list of student awards as announced at the Awards Ceremony (details below)
The elluminate recording can be watched at https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2007-05-30.0421.M.ADFF8C3E3AAFB018014C360A1494EB.vcr

Awards Ceremony

The award ceremony for the Horizon Project 2007 will be held on Wednesday May 30.

Judge's Awards

The following awards will be given by the expert panel of judges.

Wiki Page Awards
These awards go to the best wikis, based on criteria A (Finding and Understanding), criteria B (Analysing and Evaluating) and criteria C (Communicating and using Web 2.0 Tools) - see Wiki Page Rubric.
  • Best Overall Wiki Page for a Trend (all of the MAIN wiki pages for the 6 trends are eligible for this award)
  • Best Area of Impact Wiki Page (one award per trend, all of the areas of impact wiki pages are eligible for this award)

Multimedia Artifact Awards
These awards go to the best multimedia works, based on criteria D (Design and Technical Quality) and criteria E (Synthesis and Construction of Ideas) - see Multimedia Artifact Rubric.
  • Best Multimedia Artifact created by a Project Manager
  • Best Impact Multimedia Artifact for each trend
  • Optional: 'Judges Choice': Each judge to select a multimedia artifact as a personal favourite

Teacher's Awards

The following awards will be given by the teachers involved in the project.

Online Learning Award
These awards go to one or more students from each school, based on criteria F (Wiki Collaboration and Management) and G (Online Interaction and Engagement with the Project) - see Collaboration and Engagement Rubric.
  • Westwood Schools
  • Vienna International School
  • International School Dhaka
  • Shanghai American School
  • Presbyterian Ladies College

Teacher's Choice for Multimedia
This is an optional award for teachers to give to students to reward innovation and best-practice use of multimedia to convey a message. It is not rubric-based but depends on the unique synergy within a particular school and classroom and provides an opportunity for a teacher to recognise students who have put in but who may not have been able to satisfy the criteria for the multimedia artifact rubric for one reason or another.