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User Created Content Impact Employment, Politics and Government

2 Person Team - This team will analyze this trend's impact on two areas of society: employment and Politics & Government. Insert the name of your trend in the headline of the page as listed above.
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Overview of this Trend's Impact on Employment

Current Impact

We live in a world which is rapidly changing everyday. With the rapid change of the world, the usage of the internet is increasing massively. Nowadays, life without the internet seems impossible to a lot of people. This great use of the internet has motivated people to create more advanced and unique technologies and web sites for the usage of internet users. One of them are the user-created content sites. User-created content are a little group of Web 2.0 technologies, tagging and folksonomic tools, social bookmarking sites, and sites that make it easy to contribute ideas and content. Some example of these sites are Flickr, YouTube, Google Video etc. Sites like these make it easy to find images, videos, and audio clips, but the real value of these sites lies in the way that users can classify, evaluate and add to the content that is there. Also people can find and make comment on items in other people's lists, sharing not only the resources themselves but information and descriptive details about them.

These UCC sites have a great impact on education and entertainment. But its impact on employment is not understood by the people. People come, work and leave from the UCC sites. Everyday, the users of the sites find new updates and find their content nicely displayed. The question is "who does all this?" It is definitely not a automated machine who updates the sites and communicates with users when they have a problem. There is definitely someone on the other side who is managing these sites and is making sure that people work don't get ruined and don't go in vain. There are real people and no funky computers who are on the other end working to manage these sites. These people are employed by these sites to work for them to manage the sites. These has made a great impact on employment. Due to this, more and more people are getting hired by these sites to work for them. This has reduced the rate of employment by a reasonable percent. As the world is based on the internet, many people are now able to work on computers and internet sites. Their minds are developing with the moving world and now a lot of people know how to work on internet sites. As a result, these people are getting hired by the UCC sites to work for them to manage sites.
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What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future: Education? Society? Behavior? What needs to happen at the college level (and younger) to produce members of the work force who are competent in the future? What needs to change?
As we know, the user-created content sites are increasing in a very rapid manner. In almost a year, there will be hundreds and thousands of UCC sites on the web and more and more people will be using these sites more frequently. As a result, more and more people will be employed by these sites to work for them. The sites will be needing more people to manage, design and to help the users regarding the UCC sites. But the big question is "what are the requirements for a person to have regarding UCC sites?" Now we all know that people who knows how to use a computer won't be employed by these sites. These sites need people who really know how to manage web sites and know a great deal of a lot about user-created content. It really does not matter to the sites about the society the employees are taken as long as they know what they are required to do and have the right attitude. This brings up the issue of behavior. People who will work to help the users need to have a lot of patience and need to be efficient. There will thousand of email reports each day regarding the sites and those people need to go through them all and try to solve as much as possible. Also the employees need to have a very polite and understanding attitude instead of a hot mind and a lazy attitude.

Governments also have a role in influencing skills via scholastic and vocational training. For the creation of UCC, basic and sometimes more advanced ICT skills are needed. Younger generations will automatically have these required ICT skills. But the inclusion of older generations or the disabled may
warrant special efforts.

Overview of this Trend's Impact on Politics and Government

Include: elections, laws, the "mindset" of political leaders and governments, and the education of policy makers about the trend.

Current Impact

How is this trend impacting politics and government around the world today? Cite examples? Link to sources and share video? (If you have too many resources here, you may restructure this page slightly and perhaps create another wiki page.


How will politics and government change, if at all, because of this trend.

What needs to happen to have more effective governments

As it relates to this trend, what can or needs to happen in governments to make them more effective.

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