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As of May 6, 2007

our Trend's Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

2 Person Team - This team will analyze this trend's impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure. Insert the name of your trend in the headline of the page as listed above.

Overview of this Trend's Impact on the Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

How is this trend currently impacting the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure? What do people create? At what do people look? How do people spend their time? Are more or less people getting involved in the arts?

The term art is changing with the modern world. In today’s digital world we can be sure art no longer means drawing in a canvas or performing in stage but the current technology has given the term art a whole new meaning. Roughly 50 years ago when computer was first being developed, people could only show their artistic talents on paper and on stage. Many people do not feel comfortable performing in stage or share their creativity skills to others but with the current technological advantage; many can now show their talents to the world.

(i think we can also add some info about using tablet and programs such as Oekaki and BTool... I'll research more on this topic. -Ji Seong 4/25/07)

A new form of art has been discovered in the 21st century, graphics design, web page design, animation and video editing comes into the criteria of arts in the 21st century. They are all done digitally and it is something that we could not do sitting at our home roughly 15 years ago. In today’s world people ordinary people can now carry out their desire to do creative work just for self satisfaction. Websites such as,, ifilm, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Myspace, AnimeEpisodes.Net, Badjojo, Blastro, Blennus, many others can be used to exhibit anybody’s work so people can now have an aim to create something and use it actively.

Current Impact

Is the term "The Arts" changing or will it change? Are emerging artistic works given respect in the arts community? How can artists protect the rights to the artistic works they create?


How will the arts, entertainment and leisure change as related to this trend? Is there a new way of creating artistic works that is caused by this change? What will need to be done to promote excellence in this sort of artistic work?

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Education? Society? Behavior? What needs to happen at the college level (and younger) to produce members of the work force who are competent in the future? What needs to change? You may want to work in conjunction with the impact on business to interact and share about how industries are changing and money is being made with businesses that support the arts, entertainment, and leisure.

Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure Copyright protection

Include: elections, laws, the "mindset" of political leaders and governments, and the education of policy makers about the trend.

when comes to websites such as or youtube, people feel
comfortable posting their videos in their and claim ownership of that
video. since these website do not allow users to download the video, the
author feels more comfortable working with it. These websites cannot fully
give the author the guarantee that their work will not be copied, this is
because of softwares that can work beyond these websites security measures
and give people the access to download the videos using softwares or just
have a copy of the screen shots to download. since people mostly put up
their work in these kind of website for self recognition or hobby, most
people don’t feel the urge to look more into area of plagiarism. There are
very few people who even read the terms and condition of these websites
before signing up, this is a common thing for (stats needed for number of
people who read rules and regulation) almost all people, no one is willing
to spend an hour reading long rules and regulation pages, so when they
click the part where it says "i accept the terms and condition" in most
cases it means that the website will not take responsibility for any stolen
artifacts or it could even mean that the website will take owner ship of
every work you upload. they could even have the right to declare the work
and sell it to other companies for advertising purpose. (find cases of
this happening if possible). this might not be something that we might
have hard of in regular basis but the terms and condition that appears is
kind of like a contacts in digital format and you are signing to it. since
we live in a world where we are new digital immigrant, we still believe
that fact that we are untouchable in the digital world, just because we
are communication through a machine with people who are in half way
around the world doesn’t always mean that we have the security to do
anything online, when comes to hackers this is a perfect example of why
are not untouchable in the digital world. the new technology has gives
us the privilege of connecting with people around the world and socialize

Current Impact

How is this trend impacting politics and governments around the world today? Cite examples. Link to sources and share videos. (If you have too many resources here, you may restructure this page slightly and perhaps create another wiki page. )


How will politics and government change, if at all, because of this trend?

What needs to happen to have more effective governments?

As it relates to this trend, what can or needs to happen in governments to make them more effective?

(I think this part needs revision.. aren't these descriptions of political/government trend? -Ji Seong 4/19/07)

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