Tagging means that we mark things. We are using the social bookmarking service del.icio.us and have created a wiki tutorial for those who need to get started. We have a tagging "standard" for our bookmarks and blogs as follows. How to tag your research.
Everything should be tagged hz07 and horizonproject07

Tags that feed to the student projects:
If you tag using any combination of these tags it will "feed" to the appropriate wiki.


  • User Created content: user_content hz07
  • Social Networking: social_networking hz07
  • Mobile Phones: mobile hz07
  • Virtual Worlds: virtual_worlds hz07
  • The New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication: scholarship hz07
  • Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming: educational_games hz07

Areas of Impact

If you wish to further refine your bookmark (after using tags above), you may add an area of impact to "feed" it to a particular subgroup
  • education: education
  • business and employment: business
  • health: health
  • politics and government: govt
  • arts, entertainment and leisure: arts
  • science and environment: science or environment

Blog Postings

Use the tags as listed above for your team or the team that you are discussing. You should add the following tag to make sure that it goes to our feed for the journalists following this project. Students and teachers must include a summary of their blog post in the description of the bookmark. Through your tags you will build this wiki! But remember, you must ping technorati! IF you're not sure how, go to Mrs. Vicki's post 10 Habits of Bloggers that Win.

This will feed to the appropriate pages.

Online Tag Generator

For a quick and efficient way to create your tags use the Tag Generator created by David Warlick. Add tags (as shown above) to the box 'Generate Technorati Tags'. Leave a space between each distinct tag. Click on 'Submit' and the HTML code is generated ready to paste into your blog. A 'Ping Technorati' box is also provided on the same page. This is a foolproof way to tag!