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IMPORTANT: This is now an archive of the original Horizon Project organised by Flat Classroom in 2007.

NOTICE: We have now started Horizon Project 2008

(February 2008)

Welcome to the Horizon Project 2007




Horizon Project is a finalist in the Edublog Awards for Best Educational Wiki

Click on the icon above to vote! Voting closes December 5, 2007.

This is a collaborative global project between classrooms in diverse geographical locations. See the Project Review wiki of the award winning Flat Classroom Project for more information and a takeaway handout about both projects.

Student Awards!

The Horizon Project Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday May 30. Congratulations to all students for participating in this challenging online, collaborative and global project. A special congratulations to those who won awards for best wiki pages or best multimedia artifacts or best approaches to online learning in the judges awards section and the teachers awards section.
Thank you to the team of experienced educators from around the world who gave up their time to view and assess the students' work for the Judges Awards.


The Horizon Report 2007 Edition from the New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiate has outlined 6 trends they believe will be impacting college and university campuses within the next five years.
The key trends identified in the Horizon Report:
This project is a trip to the future where we envision, create, and discuss what this future will look like with classrooms around the world.

Classrooms Collaborating April/May 2007 (See our Google Map)

USA - Westwood Schools (Camilla, GA) Grade 10 Computer Science (Vicki Davis) Class Blog: http://computers4teens.blogspot.com
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Austria - Vienna International School (Vienna) Grade 11 Information Technology in a Global Society (Barbara Stefanics)

Bangladesh - International School Dhaka (Dhaka) Grade 11 Information Technology in a Global Society (Julie Lindsay) Blog: http://elgg.net/itgs/weblog
Australia - Presbyterian Ladies College (Melbourne) Grade 10 Digital Innovation (John Turner) Blog: http://plcvic.wikispaces.com.au
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China - Shanghai American School (Shanghai) Media Literacy (Ed Kidd) Blog: http://blogs.saschinaonline .org/edkidd/

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