The graphics above shows our insight on Virtual World Impacting on Health. (Top Image by Isabelle and Bottom Image by Shakila).

What is Virtual Worlds and what can we do with it? The video below shows us an example of what we can actually do with argumented reality and how it can impact our daily lives. This video also tells us about how it can save money from wasting at big companies like cars, etc.

Impact on the Environment


People using virtual worlds buy items and socialise online, therfore they dont use their car to get around. This advantages the environment by lowering the amount of fossil fuels in the atmosphere. Yet all the waste/old bodies from the old virtual world programs and old computers that cannot run the new technology gets thrown in dumps. This impacts greatly on the environment, in both good and bad ways.


The future is very unknown, but it is thought that as virtual worlds will become more popular and therefore less cars will be used. This will help the stop global warming. It is expected that the environment in the virtual worlds will reach a point of near realism. As more and more people miagrate to Virtual worlds and use the real world less often the fossil fuels in the environment will hopefully decrease.


All the wastes from old computers and old virtual worlds programs need to be recyled in order to stop rubbish dumps filling up with the old, useless parts. Perhaps we can reuse our old computer shells and programs.

Impact on Science


Science is consistently improving virtual worlds animation. Countries, like Sweeden are opening a 'virtual embassy' and Harvard has opened a campus online. Science is being used by many people to use virtual worlds.


It is believed that in the future virtual worlds animation will reach near reality. The science will be so like the day to day things we see.
The two videos below explain here how argumented worlds can effect the real world through gaming world, etc.

Impact on the Health


Current and The New World --
Reading Michael Anft's article on Virtual world effecting health will actually make one visualize the upcoming future based on three dimentional virtual world. Read More Than A Feeling.


These photos show how virtual reality/virtual world is used as a medical tool. The aim of using Virtual Reality as a medical training tool is to offer additional means to teach surgeon student. The goal is to develop the learning skills in the operating room with real patients and to improve on the quality of the treatment given to the patients, thus meaning having a live experience with the patients but its only a matter of judging the reality and the virtual world. Read more about its application here.
03_Virtual_Reality_as_a_medical_training_tool-2.jpg According to the article on "Virtual Reality Moves into the Medical Mainstream",0005d66g.jpg
(that was published on May 2000 in the Medical Device and Diagnosis Industry Magazine)
the impact of virtual reality is also being felt in many other areas of the medical industry; including surgery, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. Below is a picture of a three-dimensional view of internal organs as seen through a "synthetic pit" generated by prototype augmented-reality system. This will help the newly trained doctors to get a first hand experience and give their0005d66a.jpg patients the best available treatment available.

We can also think of virtual worlds impact on health like this; Imagine a completely new world, where patients does not need to travel long distances to visit a doctor or do d0005d66e.jpgaily checkups. One can stay at home and get all the facilities they can get just by clicking at a button and the whole clinic comes up to "the individual"!!

Disadvantages --
vitrectphoto1-1.jpgDoctor Alan Luckie (ophthalmologist) at Albury Base Hospital, Albury Australia.
He was interviewed as part of this project. He said the constant looking at screens is believed to lead to the early development of Myopia (short-sightedness) in teens/adolescence.

It is also one of the major concern that people tend to get everything at their doorstep thus, they move less which results in most cases into, obesity. Obesity is one of the major health crisis that has been introduced since the McDonalds became popular but more over when computers were invented with internet facilities. Furthermore, once virtual world is introduced to the people in an extensive way, there is a possibility that moving from one room to another will be painful!!!

2007 - 2011?

Created by, Shakila Sattar (ISD) with contributions by Isabelle Luckie (PLC.)

The clip below was contributed by Isabelle Luckie (PLC.). It is an interview with an australlian nurse and her opinion about virtual world and health issues.

Special thanks to: Dr. Afzalur Rahman for the interview on his experience at the virtual world training conferences that took place in Barcelona, Spain and Washington DC. Ms. Lindsay for the feedbacks and Nurse Wilkins (an Australian Nurse) for her video interview.

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