Overview of this Trend's Impact on the Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Virtual worlds are spiking up everywhere! Many people are entering virtual worlds for many different reasons. Some go in to learn something new or other actually have businesses in the virtual world, but many use the virtual worlds for entertainment and leisure. There are millions upon millions who play in virtual worlds everyday. There are over 6 million alone who are in the virtual world game World of Warcraft right this very second! In virtual worlds people create and look at many things. More people are getting into the arts of the virtual worlds by making building blueprints, land layouts, etc. People look at other people's work and get ideas. Worldperfect is being used to make virtual worlds. People spend a great deal of time making their very own virtual world. People also spend time playing in their virtual world or some other one. More people are getting into the arts of virtual worlds. In a virtual world, there isn't any real life consequences and there for you can practice medicine, design building, etc.

Current Impact

The term "arts" is changing. For example, when I hear or see the world "art", I automatically think of a beautiful painting. That type of art is different from the virtual world art. In my opinion, I think that the virtual world itself is an art because it takes just as much time and effort to create as it does to paint a painting.


In the future, virtual worlds will change rapidly. The virtual world graphics will be better, the refresh rate will be better, and the options of the things you can do in the virtual world will be better. Over time virtual worlds will become better and more efficient.

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Schools and colleges need to prepare the students on how to learn, edit, and even make virtual worlds. The schools can start by letting the younger crowd play in a virtual world and then eventually show them the basics of how to edit and even create their own virtual world. Then, when the students go to college, they can really start to learn about the creation of a virtual world and how the virtual world operates. Finally, when the graduate goes to apply for a job, that operates with virtual worlds, the applicant will be more than qualified.

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