Your group will have two types of pages -- the overall group page is the summary. It is where basic summary information occurs that knits your whole group together as one project. It contains links to the subprojects (called the IMPACT wikis, where you are studying a total of 6 areas of impact) of your group. Everyone works on the overall group page with the project manager taking primary responsibility for the main page. Overall group topics are discussed on the main page. Subgroup topics are posted on their subgroup pages. The words in italics on the wikis are guides and are to be deleted as you work on the wiki. Remember that you can go onto the history tab to see them at any time.

Template for Group Pages

The template for the group pages has already been posted to each group. It is the PM's and team members' responsibility to create the four required impact wikis, link to them from the main page, and paste the following appropriate template to the page.

Personal Multimedia Artifacts

As part of this project, each student must create a video. PMs will insert their video on the main page, group members will insert their video on the appropriate impact wiki. Keep the following in mind:
  • Each student must have one video artifact for this project.
  • You should have a portion of this video from at least one other student in your group. In the past, students have interviewed family members or experts that they knew or even recorded their person's opinion or dramatic interpretations to be inserted in their teammats' videos. All videos should be sent to teammates through
  • All videos must be viewed by your teacher prior to being uploaded to youtube. (Some classrooms will require that the teacher upload the video.)
  • Team members may send you an audio file, pictures, multimedia video, or another item.
  • You should have licensing rights to all items used in your videos (creative commons licensing) and cite your sources at the end of the video. Your video should have this format.
  • When you have video inserted, put the following information UNDER the video.
Title - Explanation of Video
Author - (First name last initial, Country, Year)
Contributors -
First name last initial, country, year - Item contribute (list all items contributed for the video)
The video should be embedded here.


The four subtopic wikis will have the following template - student pairs may work with their PM to select the topic for their team. Copy the appropriate template to the correct page and substitute the information in italics.

Education Impact Wiki Template
  • 3 person team - This team will analyze their topic's impact on education including elementary, middle/high school, and college.
Impact on Employment; Impact on Politics and Government Wiki Template
  • 2 person Team - This team will analyze their topic's impact on employment, politics and government.
Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure Wiki Template
  • 2 person Team - This team will analyze their topic's impact on the arts, entertainment, and leisure.
Impact on Science and the Environment; Impact on Health Wiki Template
  • 2 person Team - This team will analyze their topic's impact on science, environment, and health.