Teachers Start Page

Horizon Project Teacher Information

Watch this slide-show first

Essential Starting Activities

Phase 1 - NOW!

  • Ask students to read the Horizon Report Vicki posted a set of excellent review questions to horizonproject.ning.com (You should have been invited to join this private social network for adults associated with the HP. Please join as valuable information will be stored here and not everything will make it into an email)
  • Discuss with your students what Trend they want to join and sign them up directly to the Teams and Trends wiki page as soon as possible.
  • Become familiar with the content of this wiki and how to use wikispaces
  • Add your school logo and blog address to the table on the home page. Add any additional information you want about yourself and your school to the About Us and Introductions page.
  • Introduce and reinforce the Student Code of Ethics. (The students have written this, they can edit it.)
  • Review the Tagging standards page with students (Suggestion: Print these out and make posters for the classroom so all participants can remember the tags)
  • Project Managers should immediately go to the project manager page and be ready to go on launch date. They may want to post their introduction early. (It is highly recommended that they embed their meebo widget on their start page as soon as possible so that team members can contact them.)

Phase 2 - Tuesday, April 17, Kick off Day!

  • Ask students to record a brief introduction to themselves using Evoca and embed this in the Student Introductions page
  • Review the basics of the project by showing the students the Students Start Page, HP Rubrics and Templates
  • Encourage ALL students to communicate with their team members and Project Manager EARLY and OFTEN. This is so important to the development of the project. How will they communicate?
    • First: Use the discussion forum on the wiki page. This is essential and aligns with the rubric for collaboration and engagement as we need to 'see' the interaction taking place
    • Second: Use email (Send all teachers a list of your student email addresses for sharing. These are not to be put on the wiki!)
    • Third: Experiment with Meebo or Twitter or Skype or other IM facilities. Some of these can be introduced as a class activity, some the students may use outside of class. See a brief overview of communication tools on this blog post> >>
  • Have them subscribe to page edits and discussions via their RSS reader. We recommend that they subscribe to them separately! To do this, they should go to each page for their group wiki, and click notify me, they can then subscribe to the RSS there. They should also subscribe to the Class Announcements Page where we as teachers will post comments/ questions, issues on a daily basis.

Classroom Procedures

These are the procedures you should remind your students to do on a daily basis.

Coming into Class

  1. Check their RSS reader for edits and discussions on their pages. Reply to discussions and make a list of what they need to do for their day.
  2. Check their RSS reader for the daily announcements. See Class Announcements Page
  3. Read delicious links for their group -- they should be embedded on their pages.
  4. Check their e-mail and sign into the IM of their choice. Their team mates may be online.

During Class

  1. It is easy to get "lost in the Internet." Each day, your student should have an objective or goal that they can tell you about. (i.e. I researching and reading my team's delicious links and finding 5 more, or I am recording my introduction and posting. If they can't tell you what their doing, they need guidance! Review upcoming milestones with them and help them get focused.)
  2. Leave lots of notes on the discussion tab as necessary to leave questions, etc.
  3. Anything you have typed up should be posted to the wiki. (There is nothing worse than having a student do everything in word and post it to the wiki on the last day -- that is poor collaboration and a frustration for teammates who want to edit.)

At the end of Class

  1. Leave a summary note of your progress for the day on the discussion tab of your main wiki along with any questions/ issues for the whole group or your project manager. The team mates should know what you're doing and where you are with things.
  2. On your impact wiki, you should note where you left off, your questions and thoughts for your partner.

Note: This is an asynchronous project, therefore students must intentionally check the places that they communicate and sign into IM clients. It takes an active effort on their part to be an effective collaborator on this project!