Student Code of Ethics

We are honest!

1 - No plagiarism - We will not copy directly from websites unless it is put in quotes and cited as a source. If we observe suspected plagiarism, we will leave a note on the discussion tab and work to edit out the plagiarism. Project managers will resolve problems and take it to the teacher if it continues. Plagiarism causes someone else on the team to waste time, delete the plagiarism, and come up with something else to fill in the blank spot.
2- Cite your work- even if you reword your information you find, you need to cite your information correctly. You can use a citation generator machine for making correct citations.

We communicate effectively!

3- No foul language or inappropriate content.- bad comments can get you into a lot of trouble.
4- No assumptions. Do not assume the other students are just like you. Be straightforward in your communications.
5- Be respectful. Every person is an important part of this project and by working together we can all learn more.
6- Do not post things in jest. People around the world are reading the wiki, this is not the place to tell jokes or be silly.
7- Be serious. When working, be serious but not uptight.
8- Be nice and play nicely with others.


8- Respect the privacy of other students, do not post things that reveal too much about their identity.
9- Respect the privacy of yourself; be sure to never post things that reveal to much about yourself.
Examples: Your full name, Where you live, or things that will expose to much about someone else.

Respect Authority

10- Respect all teachers' authority. All teachers are part of the process. Just because they are not in your room does not mean they do not have authority. All teachers have authority over this project, and I will listen and learn from all of them.
11- Do not defy authority! - If it is a direct request, do as the teacher asks. If it is a suggestion, then you may consider it and make up your own mind.
12- Resolve problems. If you have a problem with your partner, contact somebody and let them know.
13-Do not use this project for social purposes. You can get to know you partners, but make sure you are not distracted and remember
that their culture is different than yours. Be careful with humor or even what you consider "innocent flirtation" may be offensive to them.
14. Also respect a person even though they may not be older or smarter, but to work with people you have to give respect to get respect. Try to work out ways to get along if one person is better at one thing let them do that instead of trying to do it all by yourself and if you need help ask.

Virtual Worlds

15. Act in second life like you would in your first life. Your face may not be there for people to see, but you should still act right.