Student Introductions

All classes are invited to post their audio introductions here. The Evoca instruction page gives full details about recording and using for this task.

Westwood Schools

Grade 10 Introduction to Computer Science Course, Westwood Schools Class Blog:
Katie B

Ty B

Casey C

Collin E

Tyler F

Andrew G

Trey H

Trenton N

Jordan N

Kristy S

Andrew S

Drew T

Matt T

Vienna International School

Grade 11 Information Technology in a Global Society (11 students- 4HL/7 SL).
Henry S

Sofie F

Albert P

Alexander C

Aziz R

David B

AnaMaria C

Miranda S

Kyungsoo D

Ali K

Mustafa A

International School Dhaka

Grade 11 Information Technology in a Global Society (9 students). Class BLOG
Interesting fact: Our school week is Sunday - Thursday



Naimul (Sourov)







Shanghai American School

Grade 11 / 12 Media Literacy course. We have a course Moodle site ( Each student has their own blog.
Lee Pai

Joanna C.

Alicia S.

Derek C.

Ksenia G.

Ginger H.

Kevin K.

Katrina H.

Kun Young L.

Kuan Ju C.

Hui Min A.

Ji Seong P.

Victoria M.

Charles L.

Kristina T.

Nelson L.

Presbyterian Ladies College

Shamistha S
Hi guys,
I am working on the Social Network wikispace. I am doing part of the Arts, Entertainment and Leisure section.
See you at Twitter!

Angeline Y
Hi guys, I'm Angie and I am working on the Mobile Phones Education section.

Marina G
Heys, I'm Maz. I'm working on the Science, Environment and Health area of impact due to Mobile Phones. Twitter me XD

Clare R
Hi, I'm Clare. I'm working on the User-Created Content page. You can contact me on twitter or by email if you need me...

Ji Lynn L
Hi i am Ji Lynn and i am working on New Scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication in NSEFP Wiki C. You can contact me by twitter or by my plc webmail.

Mariska H
Hey, I'm Marcy and I'll be working on Virtual Realities.