Researchers will be involved and consent forms will be signed by parents who wish to allow their students to be observed and interviewed by researchers with teachers present. Teachers will be present at any and all interviews and observations. Full Bios and Credentials will be listed here.

MaryFriend Shepard, Ph.D.
Professor of Educational Technology, Walden University

MaryFriend Shepard is currently a full-time faculty member and the Program Director of the Educational Technology PhD program at Walden University where she mentors doctoral students, teaches online courses, and mentors dissertation studies in educational technology, along with the administrative duties of directing the program. She has been in education for over 35 years, working in public schools, conducting teacher workshops, and teaching in schools of education at the University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, Florida State University, and Thomas University, before moving to Walden University. Her love is the integration of technology in K-12 schools, and the transformation of online/distance education. Her current research is exploring the power of electronic portfolios (e-folios) as a tool for student reflection in teacher education programs. She conducts teacher workshops in the areas of educational technology, critical thinking, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, ADHD and other sensory disabilities, and other areas of interest to teachers. She can be contacted at or