Project Managers, you've proved your competence already! You are about to embark on an amazing effort to facilitate a 5-country collaboration on your team to both analyze research and envision the future: your future!

Expect to be frustrated, excited, encouraged, and deflated over the course of this project, for truly that is what managing in the business world is like on a daily basis. As you work through issues, you will emerge with a whole new skill set that can only be learned through experience. We have put our faith in you to be leaders and to communicate with your teacher on a continual basis! We will put announcements here and steps for you to do!

But most of all, you are leading us into an unknown future that we as educators are grappling with ourselves. In fact, some of you may emerge as experts in the fields of study you pursue on this project! Many people are participating to encourage and guide you! Welcome their involvement! Remember to report any issues at any time to your teacher, you should have their e-mail and skype ID!

Your current activities

1 - Establish Communication (Meebo Me)

You will need to immediately communicate with the team and make sure that you exchange both e-mails and Instant messages with your team. We recommend that you do this by embedding a Meebo ME widget on your wiki pages so that they can see when you are online. Then, when you get online, sign into meebo so that they may contact you from the wiki page. That is how you coach, encourage and help. But remember, you can encourage others to embed a Meebo me as well. You can do this now.

2- Read the Horizon 2007 report.

Read it well. Formulate your questions and ideas.

3- Create a page for team introductions.

Lead by example, post your evoca introduction and include encouragement and any vision you have. Groups like people with passion and vision but also places where they can contribute and are valued for their opinion. And remember to include everyone! IT is your job to facilitate collaboration! You can create the page now and record the intro now, you may post your intro on kickoff April 16th.

4 - Subscribe to the RSS feeds for your wiki pages and discussions.

Now! Encourage team members to do the same!

5 - Set up the basic headings for your pages.

(See the templates) Do this on the date of Kickoff so that the template can be finalized!

6 - Set up the RSS feeds for your tags.

(Hint: Take a look at the code used by Mrs. Vicki on the News Page -- copy, paste, and change it to the tags from the tagging standard page that fit your page. It is recommended that every page have the appropriate tags.)


7 - Create the Impact Wikis

On Tuesday, create the four impact wikis and cut and paste the appropriate template pages for the impact wikis.

8 - Leave messages and help teams quickly get to their assigned impact wiki.

9 - Encourage members to start posting.

10 - Use lists like this to help them!