our Trend's Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

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Ji Lynn L (PLC)
Ji Lynn's overall summary-Summary

Overview of this Trend's Impact on the Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

This trend has impacted the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure as they brought it to a new level by new technology and is done online. Nontraditional methods are being used in evaluating work. People publish an online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia and add add information which helps others search for information.

This new types of encyclopedias improve the learning process with dynamic visualization and data results which are easily found. People will look for information for about almost everything such as famous people, artists, and even for their leisure such as about gardening and all sorts. Information of all sorts is published and is able to be read through this.

People also spend their time inserting new information in Wikipedia since it is editable to anyone. They also spend time blogging details about their daily life or even information about their hobbies or about anything. This has made is possible for other scholars to publish and read things which were never so accessable to them until now.

This has made a large amount of people getting involved into the arts as they learn more from Wikipedia and blog more about it and other people get to read about it online and learn more. Currently more people are getting involved by new methods or learning as audio and visual clips unfortunately some has been slow. Some teachers still do not recognize this new form of scholarship and still stick to the traditional form of scholarships.

Now, more and more people are still trying to keep in trend and use this new technology to aid in their scholarships and entertainment and leisure. Most of the younger generations are more involved compared to the older generations. Unfortunately, some older generations are still reluctant to try the new technologies and implement it.

Some of the forms of New Scholarship, Arts, Entertainment and Leisure are

Current Impact

The term " The Arts" are changing day by day. The current artistic works that are seen through the internet are given respect but not by a wide range of people. This is because people are still not so keen on the terms of the internet and new forms of technology. The only people that currently are using the new forms of technology are the younger generations. Therefore the emerging artists works would only be admired and respected by a wide variet of younger generations and less of the older generations.

But as time goes by more people will be keen on the new arts and emerging forms of scholarships and respect the images seen. The older generations are currently learning to use the internet and new forms of technology. This means that in a few years time more people will use the internet and more emerging artists will be seen and heard worldwide. Comments can be given to the product of the artist through blogspot by this the emerging artist will have feedback and get some respect from other people too.

Through the internet and new forms of scholarship technology, the emerging artists works are uploaded and is able to be seen worldwide. His works will be recognized worldwide. They will be able to get fame easily and respected worldwide without taking a long time to be recognized in the old time. In the olden times, an artist took a long time to be recognized because it took a long time for word to spread across the continents.

Artist can protect they rights by getting legal copyrights on the legal works. Once the works have been copyrighted, no other artist can use the same work without the permission of the original artist. This will help the artist protect their works. Through this, the works of the artist is well protected and will not be plagiarized by many other artists. This will help the work of the artist be respected and and protected from any harm.


How will the arts, entertainment and leisure change as related to this trend? Is there a new way of creating artistic works that is caused by this change? What will need to be done to promote excellence in this sort of artistic work?

The arts, entertainment and leisure will change to be more modern in the coming future. This is because he current arts and entertainment and leisure changes are brought up through a higher level through this new form of technology. This can be seen as currently photographs taken can even be edited using photoshop. The product of this programs makes the pictures sharper and many different types of effects this makes the picture even more beautiful.

Through this new form technology, the current artistic works are much better then before. even the musics can be edited into a much better quality and a better sound. This new form of scholarship arts is easier to promote as it is posted world wide. This is easier to promote as every single day about more then a billion people go online. so at this rate almost a billion people will at least see the artistics works once or twice and if they like it they will look forward to more upcoming works.

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Education? Society? Behavior? What needs to happen at the college level (and younger) to produce members of the work force who are competent in the future? What needs to change? You may want to work in conjunction with the impact on business to interact and share about how industries are changing and money is being made with businesses that support the arts, entertainment, and leisure.

Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure Copyright protection

Include: elections, laws, the "mindset" of political leaders and governments, and the education of policy makers about the trend.

Ana Maria (VIS)

To be able to describe the copyright protection in arts entertainment and leisure, it is important to understand what intellectual property is. Intellectual property includes any creations of the mind, for example inventions, literature creations, scientific discovers, artistic works such as photography, paintings, images, names, designs, etc.

Basically, intellectual property is divided in two different groups. The first one is called Industrial property which includes any industrial design for example trademarks and patents. The second one is the copyright group which includes all creative work for example literature, songs, films, etc.

Intellectual property assures that the work is owned by the author just because of the simple fact that he created it.
The person who appears as the author in the piece of work through his name, signature or sign which will identify him. He will be the authentic author of the piece of work until it is proven legally otherwise.

The publication of a piece of work is as complete expression of it. Any publication of the piece of work has to have the consent of the author. The object of the intellectual property is the piece of work itself that is expressed though any way, tangible or intangible, known nowadays or that will be invented in the future.

In order to protect the intellectual property there are laws. The laws may or not change from country to country and they are created by the different governments basically for two main reasons; one of those is to give economic, and moral rights of the piece of work to the author, who is able to distribute it, reproduced it, publish it and transform it. That processes could not be made without his consent in some exceptions controlled by the the law. The other reason why these laws are made is to promote the creativity and to get social development though these work pieces.

Nowadays lots of new ways of publication are being created mostly with the use of the Internet. To protect them it is important to use certain types of software for example Adobe Acrobat Reader. Another way of protect work pieces could be using digital water marking.

Current Impact

Ana Maria (VIS)

Nowadays the current impact of the new emerging forms of publication and new scholarship is basically in education. The technology is going further, contributing to new ways of education. For example, the students can have easy access to information through the Internet and using searches like Google. Students can find information that has been uploaded on the Internet, therefore learning continually and discovering new things all the time.

Because all this easy access to different information, it is important to protect the intellectual property. It is very easy to read information and work on the Internet and copy and paste what other people say, but that is wrong and it goes against ethics, and that is a violation to the intellectual property.
Because of that, the governments have been producing different laws. Because new ways of publications are emerging all the time, is very difficult to protect the information. There are programs to download music, to download videos podcasts movies and most of them are illegal.

What is more important is that communication is very fast through the Internet and that is why the news papers and different magazines have their websites where they very easily update their new events where all the people can have access.

That has a very important impact on the different governments because almost everything is known, and the news stopped being only local national or to becoming international and completely global. What is very important about that is that different newspapers can show the same news in different ways depending of the country and the editors.

Some examples of important newspapers online are:
• The New York Times

Screen shot taken at 10:31 am on Thursday 3rd May 2007

• The BBC News

Screen shot taken at 10:45 am on Thursday 3rd May 2007
• Guardian Unlimited


Screen shot taken at 10:38 am on Thursday 3rd May 2007

What is more, there are searchers of newspapers online, one expel of that is the website called online newspapers.
A picture and the hyperlink is shown bellow:



Nowadays, another important situation is the distrubution of pirated movies and videos online. That makes the laws and the problems with the government worst, because the internet gives access almost to everyone. The internet users can download and watch the pirated for free. Most of those movies or videos online are there without the consent of the artist. This is a violation of the artist's rights. One example of webpages where you can watch this is YouTube. YouTube allows you to use a search engine to search for videos related to your enquiry. YouTube allows any members to upload videos such as music videos, TVseries and films, even though when the members accept the terms and conditions to respect the copyright of published media. It is very hard to control what every member uploads onto the server, as there are a huge mass of users uploading everyday. Below, is a screenshot of YouTube and other video searchers.



Screenshot taken on monday 14th May 2007 at 5:52 pm

Ana Maria (VIS)


How will politics and government change, if at all, because of this trend?

This trend is growing as the technology is being developed and that make the governments to produce more and more different laws to protect the author rights. But the internet is a huge net of communication and huge way of transferring information.

The internet is changing the way people behave; the way people communicate, the way people is learning new things. It is affecting the society in significant ways, therefore the way governments which control that the law and the rights of the people stay with the change will also change.
In fact nowadays governments use the internet all the time. The way we see news trough the internet, the way videos of speeches are posted and the speed the different actions the governments develop, are making an enormous change in the way politicians are acting.

But they have to assure the people that the intellectual property is saved even if they have been affected by this trend. That is why the governments will have to spend more money creating copyright software protections. They will also increase the penalization for violating the intellectual property, but more than doing that they will do more teaching about ethics and how the people should or not take the information that they find on the internet.

The problems of stealing information and people’s ideas are growing because of people’s education, and that is a part of what a good government has to do. The only way to maintain in equilibrium our society is to develop more policies, laws and ways of education as equal as the plagiarism and copyright violation is growing.

All governments change as the people they guide, because if the people change and the government does not, it will not be useful and democratic.
It is very hard to say how is going to be the future, probably the laws will change and there will be different technologies that will improve communication and will provide facilities and security. But we have to remember that always there is going to be people who steal and plagiarize information, copy music etc, and the only way of stopping that is improving the education.

What needs to happen to have more effective governments?

As it relates to this trend, what can or needs to happen in governments to make them more effective?

To have more effective governments should:

Strengthen the moral education, focusing on ethics, this could be easily developed in schools and universities where students learn about what they are interested in and show them the different ways of citations and using internet resources when they are doing homework and investigations.

To ensure that all the people is informed about the laws regarding copyright and penalizations established by the authority. If the people don’t know about the different policies that are established by the authorities, they don’t know what they are allowed to do or not. The people who knows about the policies but consequences of the plagiarism and violation of the copyright, could do things and don’t be aware of the consequences.

Elaborate campaigns intellectual property and its importance. Doing campaigns in different forms about that will increase the ethical education of the people and it will develop a more conscious society.

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