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Overview of this Trend's Impact on Employment

Current Impact

The interactive nature of the growing economy and demand within the wikis, web-logs, podcasts, or other forms of internet bonding compel employers to favorite workers that have somewhat dealt with the internet technology and its various contemporaries and tools because they are knowledgeable of the infinite opportunities and benefits inside the whole 'Web 2.0' technology. Therefore there are increasing numbers of college students selecting courses or majors related to such topics.

The internet has opened a new world of opportunities and using the internet is one of the most cost-effective method of leaving the regional basis and reach the international boundaries. Therefore internet tools such as blogging and wiki has escaped the personal limitations, and quickly emerged as a useful communications means of a 'Digital Handshake.' Where companies are able to continuously and constantly get valuable input and feedback from its customers. They also call this Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) that depict the overall web-based business distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing of products or services.

For example, Microsoft's Community Blog implements this idea and exploits its advantages to advertising its new products to its respective interested audiences.

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From looking at the new ways to buy, read, and sell books are changing it is posible that in the future there will be no more books they will be on the computer or be shown on the wall with projectors or some kind of laser projector. They are coming out with flexible paper it is called a substrate based color electronic paper. The paper might take the place of regular paper and will also help with the global warming epidemic.

These growing technological tools are going to lead to the fact that the demand for specific jobs such as programmers, webmasters, and the likes of "pro-bloggers" are going to be increased dramatically. And blogging has already started to affect the labor market that job opportunities for those who are experienced in blogging are exploding. (Indeed.com - job search engine, "blogging" search) In addition, with the rising and spreading trend of 'Digital Libraries' and internet databases the main medium of the publication business will most likely shift from paper-back books to 'internet-back' blogs or other new forms of publication.
But there are issues and criticisms rising concerning this rather rampant growth of the internet-based medium of publication. The criticisms that articulate the fact that piracy is under the circumlocution of innovation. That corporations are ignoring the basic rights of intellectual property upon people for new money-making innovations.

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What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future?

Teachers need to start teaching students about new trends such as Blogging, Skype, and Wiki's at a young age. They need to start learning when they are old enough to use a computer. The younger that a student starts using and learning to use a computer the more they will know about them when they are old enough to get a job. Teachers,schools, parents, political members need to stop going by just the basic environment and try and learn different ways than they have been since they have been in that choice field.

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Overview of this Trend's Impact on Politics and Government

Include: elections, laws, the "mindset" of political leaders and governments, and the education of policy makers about the trend.

Current Impact

There are not many significant impacts upon the politics but there are baby-steps taken where local governments have started forums and wikis where its relative citizens could political debate and amend bills. Such as U.S.'s regional state government's active action to create ways for citizens have a larger representative voice in government.

For example:
Utah Legislature
Texas Politics
And there are people that are taking active voices in raising neglected social issues in forms of internet publication.


In the future, people that may not be able to get out the house to go vote may can get on the computer and vote online from their homes. Which will help out with people not having to take off work to go to the poles and vote or even go work at the poles and also people will not have to stand in line for hours just to vote for the president or what ever they maybe voting for. People can talk about the new laws or the things that the government is talking about and the government people hear about this talk and want to know more and if the thoughts are good enough then they may consider go with the idea.

The emerging form of this electronic politics system is named E-democracy (E-democracy.org) that is a form of Electronic Direct Democracy (EDD) which contributes to creating a more representative form of democracy for all citizens. And it is hoped to break the walls of communication between politicians and citizens, therefore constructing a direct democry that is beneficial for everyone.

But it is only at its growing stage, taking baby steps into development. And there are debates of how the government would need to take active feat in creating accessible tools such as secure identification systems. Furthermore, there are issues of election fraud, information overload, etc that need to be further solved.

What needs to happen to have more effective governments

Obviously this EDD idea has only started in the regional government primarily to the fact that there are not enough regulatory institutions nor trained government bureaucrats ready for this kind of high-tech quality political processes.

As a result, the government needs to start recruiting major professionals in preparation for this change and therefore bring the level of internet politics up to the federal/national level of impact. In which the massive collaboration and contribution within the internet politics system will affect major outcomes such as foreign policy, elections, etc.

On the other hand, there are also professionals that are articulating the lack of public awareness of this change of trend, where the technological foundations are already set but citizens are not actively participating in this new system of government. So the government itself has to actively advertise and educate itself to the public.

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