Overview of this Trend's Impact on Education

Current Impact

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What needs to happen in education:

Educators and Scholars need to not be so scared or skeptical of using something new and different. Academics can collaborate with a wide variety of educators and experts on education and new technologies to teach and related disciplines.

Middle/ High School Education

Current Impact- Currently schools all over the world are relying more and more on computers. Some school even require students to have laptops or else they wont be accepted into the school. For example Bloomfield middle school is one of the fifteen schools nationwide using NetSchool computers and technology daily. The school principal stated that the laptops caused the students to be more disciplined and improved their academics; mentioning that outside suspensions decreased by fifty to sixty percent. Even in Shanghai, Concordia International School is a Christian school that also requires a laptop. So the reliabitliy of laptops around the world is growing."The computers are handy for writing essays, Internet searches on historical figures and more detailed programming for specialty courses such as business education and art, students," said a teacher from the South Milwaukee High School.

Future- The schools all around the world are now more and more dependent on laptops; for example the Gainesville City Schools have planned to begin the year with the distribution of laptops to all highschool and middleschool students. Therefore in the future, schools will fully depend on computers for both classes and homework since they are faster and more convinient source of information.In the United States today, there is almost one computer for every four students, according to the U.S. Department of Education. In the next couple of years that number is expected to rise up to one computer per every two or three people, if enough money will be supplied.

This is the article i found on google talking about the increasing use of computers at schools:


Colonial School District is among the first districts to receive a "Classrooms for the Future" grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.By News StaffIn September 2006, Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell announced "Classrooms for the Future," an initiative to transform the high school learning experience. The program will put a laptop computer on every high school English, math, science and social studies desk and provide teachers with a multimedia workstation and intensive training to enhance education. The governor's 2006-07 budget provided $20 million for the first year of the initiative, with plans to expand the program statewide.

An additional $6 million in state and federal resources will be used to train teachers and administrators on how to best harness the power of technology to enhance classroom discussions, lessons and projects.

What needs to happen in education: Carmen Arace principle Delores M. Bolton stated: " Talk, talk, talk doesnt work for teachers in the classroom anymore." She also believes that laptops have influenced her students academically and improved their discipline; therefore with the improvement of technology on laptops, an advance in education will be seen. Laptops in general are a great source for infrormation, so it is improtant that people begin using them at a young age, in order to feel comfortable with the use of laptops.

Increase of laptop and computer uses at schools

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College Education

College Education involves

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