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Overview of Mobile Phone's Impact on the Environment

Current Impact

Current impact on Health:
Sources (1) and (2) are both adamant that cellular phones cause cancer . The sources say that there's a lot of radiation that is given of by cellular phones, that could potentially burn our brain tissue. Today, we not only use cellular phones, but other appliances that produce radiation aswell, such as microwaves, which cause us to be exposed towards more harmful radiation.

Researchers have also found that if a person has damaged their DNA, there's a higher risk that they will develop cancer. A problem with cellular phones is that most of us use it as alarms, or charge it next to us while we sleep so that we can hear if a text or call comes in. The researchers from "Radiation and Nuclear Safety", in Finland, did an experiment with people who slept next to their phones and found that it could lead to an increased chance of developing a brain tumour. In the cellular phone, it's not only the radiation that affects us, but also when the phone is trying to find signal. This can also affect the 4th stage of human sleep.

This video was found on youtube; a report conducted by researchers and is very interesting. It's mostly about the impact on health and how people were hiding their research about cellular phones that cause brain tumors. They also have examples of people and interviews. It also provides information of experiments conducted.


This will affect the future because the technology and use of cellular phones is increasing every day. The age of children getting cellular phones is getting younger, not only that, more children these days are getting familiar with the use of cellular phones. If the technology of cellular phones increases, there will be more problems that could impact health (besides brain cancer and cancers in general). Sometimes, when technology is growing everyday, the risk factors might be brought into consideration, and thus trying to reduce it. Since we don't hear about many cases of harmful effects towards using cellular phones, we should still be more careful towards how much we are using our phones.

What needs to happen to protect the environment

This is another video found on youtube that could help all of us to block a little radiation! This could help protect the environment as well as people's health because it might teach people to take more precautions with their health, thus having a safer environment.

Current Impact on Environment:

NEC are actually supporting the use of cellular phones, with the experiments they have carried out. They state that because of the technology of cellular phones (for example, Nokia's 3G phones being able to have video conversations) it is easier for most business men to attend meetings around the world, or even in the same country just not needing to go to the office. This helps the environment according to the statistics that the amount of carbon dioxide is decreasing by 57%. Video confrences also reduce the amount of people using transportation, thus also reducing air pollution.

Overview of the Mobile Phone's Impact on Science

Current Impact

Mobile Phones are giving scientists a lot to think about. There's the issue that has been here practically since the inception of the mobile phone: do mobile phones cause cancer? If they do, how do we prevent/treat the resulting cancerous tumors?

Scientists are forever trying to improve the capabilities of mobile phones. Now, a separate: computer, phone, diary, alarm, navigator, camera and video recorder are not needed, you can even get internet on your phone! That's what I'm doing right now. They are all compacted into a mobile phone, with people dreaming up more and more things they can squeeze into a tiny mobile phone. And they're getting smaller!

Here is a youtube clip showing a future Nokia phone.


In the foreseeable future, phones will continue to get smaller and continue to develop new uses- wallets won't be needed, credit from your phone could be used. In Source (4) they talk about a phone that is not hand held, but rather a chip implanted in your brain... possibly at birth. With a chip instead of a phone ring tones would be unnecessary. A signal sent to your brain would alert you to an incoming "call", you wouldn't need to talk as you could simply 'read each others minds'. The problem with a thought-phone, however, is that at present we are unable to control our thoughts- we may disclose information that we didn't want anyone to know.

What needs to happen to have more effective scientific research

Scientists need to test their theories on a wider range of people (if testing for things such as links between mobile phones and cancer), because everyone is unique and they react to things differently. Also, more research needs to be done to be certain of the saftey of mobile phones to people.

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(2) Mobile Phones- Safety Problems
(3) NEC- Annual Environmental Report 2004
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