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Overview of Mobile Phone's Impact on the Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Current Impact

The definition of "The Arts" is definitely changing now, as mobile phones are having more and more convenient features to them, allowing people to share, create, or watch things like videos, pictures, music, etc.
Cameras, music players, photo/picture editors, even internet, are features on cell phones that we take as granted now, but half a decade ago, these convenient, miscellaneous applications were nonexistent. These features allow us to create, share, edit, and upload forms of art like photos, music, pictures etc. We can also download music onto our cell phones, or watch television or sports games, as the capacity for files on mobile phones is getting greater and greater with each new model coming out. This creates a problem for musical artists, because a lot of people can go online and "steal" music, downloading them for free and putting them on their cell phones or iPods. Apple has already combined iPods with cell phones, in what is known as iPhone.(2)


Apple has recently created a "revolutionary phone",(2) not only by blending a widescreen iPod with a mobile phone with normal features, but also by using advanced technology like their "multi-touch" technology that replaces the usual mobile phone keyboard. Instead of typing on tiny keys, one can simply touch the screen with one's finger.(2) Features of iPhone also include internet access, emailing, a soft predictive keyboard that predicts and corrects mistakes as you type, and software that allows you to multi-task. The Mac OS X operating system allows you to surf the internet, download files, email, text message etc.
Music from your computer's iTunes library can also be transfered onto the iPhone, and you can listen to and manage your songs all with your fingers, thanks to the multi-touch technology.(2) Album covers can be displayed on the iPhone as well, on its 3.5 inch screen. Not only can you play music on your phone, you can also download videos (movies, shows) onto your phone and watch them.(2)

Bluetooth and Music

Music players are also becoming common in cell phones, and people can download or send music files onto their mobile phones directly from their computers, through USB lines. Bluetooth technology has made this even easier. For example, if someone has a laptop computer with bluetooth, then that person can send files from his or her computer via bluetooth to his or her mobile phone. Bluetooth is also commonly used now to send files from phone to phone.(1) While downloading and sending music has become significantly easier, the capacity of mobile phones to store these files has also increased.logo.gif


Mobile phones have also found their way into the movie industry recently, in movies like Cellular, starring Chris Evans and Kim Basinger, where the movie basically revolves around the protagonist and his cell phone. In this case, the Chris Evans's character needs to rescue a kidnapped woman and her family by communicating with her through his cell phone.


Of course, while we already have so many hi-tech features and functions on our mobile phones, mobile phone companies are still developing new functions or enhancements to our cell phones. Soon enough, like iPhone, most mobile phones are going to be combined with mp3 players and computers. Of course, our mobile phones already have a lot of features resembling computers, like internet, email, music players, games, etc. In the future, there will be even better features that will become common among mobile phones, like GPS features and video conferencing, which are both still being introduced to the society right now. Soon, mobile phones will become our one-stop-shop for everything, much like RSS feeds, where someone could just turn on their phones and check the news that they want to see, their magazine subscriptions, blog subscriptions, movie clips, music, and maps.
We will also be able to create art, through multiple features on mobile phones. The cameras on mobile phones are likely to be enhanced, and the photo/image editing features are likely to upgrade with it. In the future, there will possibly even be photoshop on cell phones, for people to edit pictures and create artwork. Movie clips can be recorded using the cam-recorder device on mobile phones, and can be sent to others, or uploaded to a specific source. Sound recording devices are going to improve too, and in a few years cell phones may become a tool for recording music or music demos for CDs.

The advancement of the mobile phone industry is having a great impact on our lives. More and more convenient features and functions are starting to become common among mobile phones. What will the future look like in your opinion? The potential of mobile phones from different opinions are discussed.
By Ginger H, China, 2007
In the video: Old Motorolla phone models, Nokia 3350, LG C1400, Nokia E61, Sony Ericsson w300i, Nokia E61, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson S500i, Sony Ericsson w200i, Nokia 5130, Apple iPhone future design, Mr. Shaun McElroy (SAS counselor), Johnny K (SAS senior student), Victoria M (SAS senior student)

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Education? Society? Behavior? What needs to happen at the college level (and younger) to produce members of the work force who are competent in the future? What needs to change? You may want to work in conjunction with the impact on business to interact and share about how industries are changing and money is being made with businesses that support the arts, entertainment, and leisure.


Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure Copyright protection

Current Impact


Since establishing theNokia Company in 1992, there have been many improvements in art, design and technology through R&D. With the help of such philosophy, the company has succeeded to become a world’s highest norm of cellular wireless mobile phones. Through years of advancement in electronic technology, the mobile phones changed from a heavy, bulky and limited capability to a very high quality miniature full color screen, touchtone, high capability and a multifunction, user-friendly gadget. The advancement in this technology for the past decay or two has been enormous and there would remain high technical capabilities of such systems to be introduced in the coming years. The artistic design, which went through this technology from the beginning to present, is one of the most remarkable one. These designs have gone so far as to produce mobiles for all lifestyles. There are mobiles so finely made for women as well as mobiles made in a heavy-duty quality for children to those of men designs.
The artistic design and mobile technology of Nokia a decay ago and now (from 1992 up to 2007) could be seen in the following pictures.




The technology is advancing everyday, mobile phones entertainment today in U.S. is one of the fastest growing interests among the other countries around the world. The mobile phones might be used for different purposes such as playing games, communication, text messaging (SMS), multimedia message (MMS) or General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) location identification. The games for mobile phones are mostly downloadable usually through the mobile operator’s radio network or they can also transferred by infrared or Bluetooth connection or memory card.
Nowadays the Japanese service providers enable the users to watch digital TV on compatible mobile phones. This is the world’s first, and the biggest by reaching more subscribers than any other countries around the world. Already the Japanese 90m mobile phones are able to play videos games, send messages and e-mails and check internet websites on tiny handsets.
Japan Today’s teenagers are able to send and receive messages, e-mails and surf in internet. After 2006 until now some Japanese service provider provide their users with online game playing and give the ability of using MSN messenger, and also access to internet. Downloading and reading magazine, comics and news is one of the newest and fast growing applications of mobile phones in Japan’s external image _39390481_beyoncepa_203.jpgTechnology.
According to BBC news, the Mobile Data Association (MDA) said they are expecting 60% growth sales on mobile phone ringtones this year. An estimated £80m of ringtones will be sold in 2007 - up from £50m in 2006 - according to the MDA, a non-profit association. The Music company Universal told BBC that today the most pop hits are available to buy as the phone ringtones and as are the TV themes with the cost of about £1.50 to £3.50.many teenagers today change their ringtones commonly to keep up with the latest songs and that is how the companies make profit. One of these young mobile phone-owners told BBC reporter “everyone is doing this today- it is the latest thing to do because it is too boring to keep the same ringtone for long time”.


In the past years, we have seen the size of mobile phones have changed frexternal image 710-449d7531186c1.jpgom lunch box-sized devices to tiny, flashy gadgets. The technology nowadays is weaving its way to our clothing (Techno Material TC) and our outfits as well (Fashion Tech TC). For intense, Wrist Phones is already out in some Asian countries such as Japan with huge sales. The Japanese service providers give the ability to users to access the Web. This kind of mobile phones sold out of its 1000 unit in 20 minutes when it released for first time about last May and the provider company has declared that the product was very successful. Another very successful model of these kinds of phones is Samsung, which include an embedded Bluetooth and a 256-color screen. There are groundbreaking works that are being created by artists to be used for cell phone technologies. These works engaged features such as camera phones, video phones, GPS, Bluetooth, ringtones, messaging etc. These works have been represented in the form of sculpture with short description of each technology, which invites the audience to contribute their opinion through SMS. Other features include expansion of communicative possibilities of cell phones through production of softwares with use of narrative animation that can be downloaded and used by the users instead of text messages for an easy, less time-consuming communication. But one feature which is most external image 0puiniok.jpgcommonly selected by the buyers are the forms of design and artistic models which these technologies are using which makes the buyers to be fond of the item involved. That is why companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson are devoting a lot of time and money to the artists, which are cooperating with them, these artists are providing the whish of the people to the technical people who are manufacturing such gadgets. With today’s technology, it dose not matter how good quality system you provide but the most significant thing for a good sale is the artistic design. It is obvious that we will have much more breakthrough in such technology in very near future with amazing products.

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(1) "Learn." Bluetooth. Bluetooth SIG. 28 Apr. 2007 <>.
(2) "Apple - iPhone." Apple.Com. Apple. 27 Apr. 2007 <>.
(3) Pilgrim, Mark. "What is RSS." Xml.Com. 29 Apr. 2007 <>.
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Overview of this Trend's Impact on Employment

Current Impact

What job skills related to this trend, if any, need to be present in today's workforce?


What job skills related to this trend, if any, will need to be present in the work force within the next five years? What will a worker's life look like in 5 years that is different from today? (Note: this is a great place to insert the video.)

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Education? Society? Behavior? What needs to happen at the college level (and younger) to produce members of the work force who are competent in the future? What needs to change?

Overview of this Trend's Impact on Politics and Gov


The impact of mobile phones in our government is just beginning to be realized. Our politicians are able to communicate with each other across town, cross country, and even across continents. Communication is crucial to government. If governments don't communicate then war ensues. So instead of the letters of the old days, politicians now call each other whenever they need to and send e-mails form any location due mobile e-mail. Officials are now able interact with each other outside of the Capital. Senators from California and Georgia can stay in constant contact with each other when the Senate is not in session.
Mobile phones have made modern Governments mobile.

Include: elections, laws, the "mindset" of political leaders and governments, and the education of policy makers about the trend.

Current Impact

Last year, the Republican party in the US used mobile phones and text messages as a campaign tool. This is an extremely deadly weapon in the political arsenal. Due to the ubiquitousness of the mobile phone, they are a perfect platform for the campaign. If you are running for office, and want the public to know more about you, the mobile phone is for you. Mass text messaging allows politicians to send info to anyone and everyone. Mock elections can be held through text messaging, just like the American Idol voting system, to simulate actual elections. This lets candidates know how they stand in the polls.

Mobile phones have also been used in countries wrapped in civil war to show the atrocities that their governments have committed. This was the case in Burundi. Through citizen journalism, corrupt governments can be exposed and moral governments praised. With advances in mobile technology, the mobile phone can be responsib le for the success or failure of young Governments.external image spy_title_cropped.gif

In some countries, mobile phones have been banished from governments where they could be used with great efficiency. This is due to the fact the modern mobile phones are the perfect spying tool. With digital cameras, video cameras, voice recordings, and instant messaging, all a spy has to do is record a voice or shoot a video and send it instantly to another government. This presents and extremely vital security issue.

Although the mobile phone is revolutionizing governments all over the world, the governments mindset is crucial to its survival. Most politicians now were brought up before the technological revolution. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this, as long as the older generation is able to cope with changes that are being made. The upcoming generation however will utilize this resource defiantly to improve their society.

There are different usages of Mobile Phones for political and other world affairs in different parts of the world based on the culture, political situation in the country and other aspects of the daily life, among them are the following:

Mobile Political USA:
The FBI is now able to eavesdrop on anyone in America through cell phones. This is a little freaky and almost unbelievable but is was on major news reports

Mobile Political Spain:external image _images_psc_bluetooth.jpg
In the March 2004 Spanish general election, SMS (text messages) played a big role in bringing down the prime minister of the country. However, the government was trying to blame the train bombings on ETA terrorists but the sp read of SMS massages and the rumors that the Spanish government were lying. As the Spanish government was aware that the bombing was an Al-Qaeda activity and not that of ETA but this was political agenda, which the government decided to lie about it. It was not too long before the SMS started to communicated all around the country with a short and simple message “the government lied” spread it around. This is was a severe blow to the government.

Mobile Political Philippines:external image PH2006082401968.jpg
Philippine is one of the most well known examples in case of mobile technology usage. In 2001, Filipino protesters used SMS to defeat the Filipino President Estrada. Yet again in 2007 the Short Message Service or SMS are leading the Filipino pro testers. Nowadays any protests are publicizing via SMS in the Philippines, which can reach vast numbers of people in less than a minute.
Mobile Technology has changed the order of the political power games. It is now the public which has the upper hand over the government. This is the history in making in the Philippines. Now the leaders are following the statistics, which are the movements of votes of the demonstrators. This text messages are providing instant advantages and disadvantages of the choice of the public against a political candidate and moves the mass waves of people against or in favor of a political figure.

Mobile Political Iraqexternal image iraqcell472.jpg:
Cellphone rings tones; text messages all the rage among the young Iraqis. The content of their messages and ring tones are usually about songs, jokes and latest news about the suicide bombings, power outage, oil price, the number of casualties or the fate of politicians such as Saddam Hussein and George Bush etc. These are the ways that the young Iraqis usually express themselves as part of their entertainments in catastrophic situation that their country is now.


As for mobile phones of the future, there is no limit. Eventually, through mobile networks and ubiquitous computing, the mobile phone will replace all other computing devices in our government offices and political avenues.

The Mobile Phone's Impact on Government and Politics

Tyler F

Tyler F and Ginger H

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