Overview of this Trend's Impact on Education

The use of Multimedia Games in education is on of the biggest technological advancements that is being debated. Some teachers believe that MMEG is the best way to go because the new generation of students are quite attached to games. So they believe this is the best way to keep the students attention. Other teachers and parents believe that MMEG is not the direction to go to. Ben Armstrong a software programmer at Microsoft said, “Our family engages in "mindless" video games from time to time ... but it's treated like "junk food"…. It really has no "nutritional" value for our minds.” ( Ben Armstrong ¹) Basically what he is trying to say is that video games are just a waste of time and it doesn't help us in any way. Some would oppose to that. Mark Prensky being an example, according to him all games are useful in one way or another. You can always learn from a video game no matter what game it is.

According to the Horizon Report 2007 educators are looking at serious games. "Serious games" are games that have an educational purpose and non- entertainment goals. The type of serious games educators are taking a hard look at is massively multiplayer educational games, and many seem to be finding strong potential for teaching and learning. however, they havent gone to far with this as producing these games can be of high cost even they because of such interest shown by student and teachers MMEG is being brought closer to the mainstream as time passes.

Prekindergarten and Elementary Education (Up through grade 5)

Current Impact

by AzizR (song "In the Rain" provided by KennyG)

"According to Dr. Dan Lim (2003), there are ten (10) criteria “that will help learning games become sustainable and attractive to educators and trainers:
1. Contains substantial amount of learning content
2. Draws learners toward the learning content (not distracting)
3. Engages learners to spend hours “playing” with the learning content
4. Balances between easy and difficult learning content
5. Maintains learners’ interest and motivation throughout the gaming experience
6. Uses compelling visuals and motion graphics to enhance user experience
7. Allows educators and trainers quick and easy design options to create games
8. Integrates with other learning management systems to record and/or track learners’ progress
9. Allows a variety of gaming objects to retrieve and deliver the same content from one source
10. Delivers games in multiple platforms - web-based, PDA, standalone, etc." (2)
The ten criteria above is very useful to determine whether games are educational are not. It seems that not many games out there obey the ten criteria that Dr. Dan Lim suggested, thus game programmers should consider this criteria because they help student to play educational games so that learning can be fun and didactic.
When one hears the word “game” one would associate the word as an activity that leads to fun. animal_safari_2.JPGMassively multiplayer educational gaming has assisted students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten to be able to play ("games" in general are well known to students) games that are difficult to learn in their normal class. Learning how to read can be frustrating especially for pre-kindergarten students. However, visual games help them to read by the concept of trial-and-error. As described in the horizon project report on the trend that “many popular MMOs are text-based or built on simple graphical interfaces.” an example of this would be Animal Safari. Students are transported into the world of animals. Their task is to find the correct names for each animal that they see in safari. Finding the correct order of letters to the corresponding animal would be easy for them because an error-type of sound will be played, and if the correct letter is put in the correct order, an accurate sound would be played. This will improve their spelling, and their thinking skills. Teachers will collaborate with students by means of instructions.

A game called SpellBee encourages students from grade 2 to 8 to cooperate with each other aiming to not only learn from each other’s mistake, but also to “challenge each other”. This means that students act like students, but at the same time act as teachers. It is an edge for students to learn without the need for teacher’s supervision. Normally, students in class are dependant on teachers, but this time the level of dependant would be decreasing.
Science explorations” game takes students into learning science by activities that the game offers. After a few minutes of learning, students are given online activities that they may solve any questions given from the activities by themselves or by team work. It is a way to encourage students to collaborate with each other to gain knowledge from the game and to put it into practice. This game seems to sound like activities only, but these activities are for students to play i.e. activity game.


It seems that for the next four-to-five years more students will be more engaged on the subject because of the fact that information technology is developing all the time and more game developers will be likely to create games not for joy, but for learning. It will help parents to see their children learn faster and be motivated on education. Pre-kindergarten students will be not much of trouble in teaching since more games will soon be available to help them effectively in terms of time, cost and motivation. Collaboration will be the main focus in the future trend. It seems that virtual reality technology is constantly developing, thus many MMEG in virtual reality will be available as virtual reality hardware comes to school and home. Not only virtual reality in MMEG be useful; students will definitely "move" instead of just sitting on chairs, typing on the keyboard, clicking the mouse, facing the camera, and talking into the microphone. One might think that "hey, why don't we just stay at home and play these kind of video games instead of going to school?", however in the future, these kind of games will be available in school, but not intended for students to play these games and not go to school; instead, it is just an aid to enhance the future learning.

What needs to happen in education:

It seems that there is a few games out there available for students to assist them in revising for test, but it is still a minor thing. Therefore, it is essential for students to get a good mark on their tests; MMEGs should definitely be one of the solutions to the problem. School should support MMEG as part of their curriculum.

Middle and High School Education (Grade 6-12)

Title: Use of MMEG in ISD
Creator: Salmaan B (ISD)
Description: This video looks at a potential future for MMEGs in the curriculum at International School Dhaka.

Title: Use of MMEG in Education
Creator: Kelly Christopherson (teacher supporting this trend)
Description: This video supports this area of Impact

Current Impact:

People say games are fun and education is not meant to be fun which is why games should not be a part of the education system. the question that come to your mind when you hear that is why cant you have fun learning. Research has shown that student learn more when they are having fun because when they enjoy something they actually pay attention in the classroom. So why do some teachers not accept the use of MMEG, well this is because they are more comfortable with their of teaching.some think, this is not something that they are used to, so they are unable to use it properly in class. They also believe that it will be a distraction in class. What they don't seem to be realizing is that the students are not learning the way they are being taught at the moment. Research shows that the new generation is more interested in learning in a new style because they think that they should be making use of all the technology possible to help them learn,

In middle schools.and high schools don't seem to be using MMEG as much as elementary and college education. This is mainly due to teachers thinking that they are unable to trust teenagers, and the teachers think that the teenagers should have as less fun as possible. still MMEG is being used in some middle schools and high schools but very minimally.

A Tamil School started to use MMEG in their school as a part of their curriculum. Their most effective MMEG game is the game they have for their language program. They have created a game to help the students learn the Tamil language. The whole class gets into the game at the same time and they interact with each other through the game to increase their oral skills and vocabulary skills. Other then the language games there are games for their other subjects, for example they have games for physics, Business studies and etc. Since they have introduced this program 6 months ago they see that they have had a slight improvement in their results because the students seem to be more interested in what they are studying. They students say they are enjoying this program and they think that if they continue with this program they will do well in school, because they seem to be learning a lot from this program.


As technology is advancing at such speed we can predict that in the next 5 to 10 years MMEG will be widely used in schools as a part of their education curriculum. This should help the student in their class work and their results should improve as they will be learning in a way that they prefer. Like the results from the Tamil school the results from these schools should also increase when they start to use this program.
With the use of MMEG technology can go far enough where the students can say "lets not go to school today" and they can still be at home and doing the class as everyone else is but just be at home ans working. The MMEG initiative is not meant to get the kids out of school and work at home but just to help the student in school with their work. This is because in the near future it will be very hard to control the students if they are learning from home.

What needs to happen in education:

The teachers need to get together and talk over about the use of MMEG in schools. Some of the teachers think that it is a good idea and others think it is a bad idea. The teachers that agree with the use of MMEG need to convince the others how MMEG can make their teaching easier and the students learning easier. Once that is done the schools need to make up a MMEG initiative so they can set up a curriculum that uses MMEG in class and at home. This will enable the students to learn at all times, at school, and at home when they are playing games in their free time.

College Education

Title: An Introduction to MMEG
Description: Introduction to the effects of MMEGs
Author: Hsiang-Lee P.
School: SAS Senior

Current Impact

- Allow a different type collaboration between students, unlike just lectures given by the professors.
- Allowing students with a justified reason to actually play more games then ever.
At Northern Illinois University, the mechanical engineering course is quite interesting because they have decided to use video games to enhance their learning of their topic such numerical methods which they would normally just study from their text books. Their final exam is a race and the objective is to drive around the track and get the fastest time. However driving in this sense is totally different. Instead of sitting behind a steering wheel and pressing the pedals to drive, here they have to do calculations on how much to turn the car, how hard to press on the pedals for accelerating and braking, and the best way to get a fast time. Then they put their calculations into a software to do the race. they had to calculate the maximum speed they can reach in a straight road, when to shift gears, when the last moment you can press the brake is so you don't spin out of control, and many more things like that. This way of learning give you an enjoyable learning experience and you end of learning more because you always learn more from actually doing something than just reading it.


- no need for actual school buildings, just go to the virtual world
- students just need a computer in order to learn
- The system of college education will totally change
Such games where students simulate a real event that happens in real life in order to understand the information studied in the classroom may really help students to have more interests in their subject. By using such devices, students understand the theory behind the whole formula, and might even develop their own understandings.

What needs to happen in education:

- Heavily support the concept of online education
- Accept the idea that gaming can be part of education
Expand the use of such games into as many curriculum as possible.

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