our Trend's Impact on the Science and the Environment,Health

2 Person Team - This team will analyze this trend's impact on three interrelated areas of society: health, science, and the environment. Insert the name of your trend in the headline of the page as listed above.

Overview of this Trend's Impact on the Environment

Current Impact

Has this trend affected the environment? If so, how?


Will this trend affect the environment in the future? If so, how?

What needs to happen to protect the environment

Is there anything related to this trend that societies need to consider to protect the environment or to reap benefits that will help improve the environment?

Overview of this Trend's Impact on Science

Include: how science is conducted and the scientific "breakthroughs that may happen"

Current Impact

How is this trend impacting science today? Are there any documented cases already where this trend has benefited science and research?

Although there are currently no multiplayer computer/video games known to have been created solely for the advancement of science, some commercial games have still been shown to help science. Research have been done showing the impacts of games, for example, it is now seen how a game called "Super Monkey Ball 2" may be played to improve surgical skills, as it requires considerable a considerable level of dexterity to play it.
However, current games under the genre of Science Fiction have been relatively unsuccessful. Recent games such as EVE Online have had some success, but, in general, science as a whole has not been a great hit in terms of current gaming. In general,


How will science be impacted by this trend?

Projects such as Avant Game are being made in order to provide those of the science community with interesting ways in order to learn about science. Through interactions between players, they may collaborate to solve certain problems, those which combine elements of gaming as well as true data. This could offer a new alternatives to learning science, instead of the typical classroom or book reading.

What needs to happen to have more effective scientific research

As it relates to this trend, what do you think should be done by scientists to improve the way they do research? What skills do they need? Mindset? The way scientists are paid and recognized? Scientific awards that are given?

Resource Documentation

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