Social Networking in Science, Environment, and Health

Overview of Social Networking's Impact on the Environment

Current Impact

Social Networking is an easy, yet valuable, way of getting together and bringing messages across the whole sountitledciety and everyone can get information, services and goods. Nowadays, where social network sites play a major role in peoples lives, there are many websites which are created not only for people to meet new friends and socialize, but also to try and change some of the current global issues, for instance global warming. Mashable, for example, has a tool for users that are concerned about the global warming issue which allows them too calculate your carbon dioxide emission. But it doesn’t only calculate the sum for you, but it also gives you suggestion in how to change your carbon dioxide emission into a smaller sum. A recent site called is one of the few examples where social networking is used to bring people together and mainly focusing on the problems and the possible solutions. Even large organizations, like Greenpeace, set up profiles on so that visitors can see the offers and opportunities in which people can actually get involved in.
Not only are there individual websites for “environment helping” people, but the some of the most famous social networking sites, like MySpace, have groups where users can join in and talk about the topics which they are most interested in. Some of these groups already have a high users-population.

In the extreme situations, for those people who are really willing to change the world and think its best not to kill animals or use their products, there are even sites where vegans can join together and talk about their situations as vegans. The site VeganMySpace is open to everyone, and has a very similar structure to the original MySpace. This is only one example of many other social networks and groups which all believe that we are responsible for our world and try to change it in a global manner.


Experts and Founders of social network sites which aim to change the environment hope that all the ‘thin’ population of environment activists which are spread across a wide range of separate networks might eventually come together and could cause a big movement in our current environmental issue. If this would happen in the near future, then not only are we going to change the environment, but also create a social network which goes beyond the normal standard of social networking of people meeting each other globally, but people getting together and causing a change.

What needs to happen to protect the environment

This is video from Youtube which shows the viewers how one can stop global warming and protect the environment. All the facts shown here are nothing new and have been repeated to us for a very long time. But the mere fact that this video was posted up on a social networking site by a user means that there are people who are considered about the environment and are willing to change somehow.

Overview of Social Networking's Impact on Science

Current Impact

Science have been evolve since past century. The electronic industry has advanced since the early 20th century, a complex devices, such as a computers, that was only used in an entire room can now be carried around in a case. Computers have become one of the key tools of modern industry. Also Electronics has been the fundamental in H.P--S.N3.JPGcommunications, for example the invention of radio, telephone, televisiton etc. Science is playing a dominant role in many different areas and the creation of computers, internet, has made it much easier for people to keep in touch with other people. Social Networking websites also made it easier for students to communciate with other students and teachers. Current social networking sites, for example MySpace (being one of the biggest networks) has also made groups where people who are very interested in science can join and either discuss current issues or talk about some of the many scientific theories.There are many different social networking websites related to science, recently a new social networking website was created by grad students to "improve collaboration across disciplines in the sciences." Students of this BioX program will create their own version of social networking website which can let students to combineing life sciences to network with peers, professors and employers. This BioX network links science students together. Social Networks have been looking at how companies work and interact with each other. Netwiki was created to provide ways for companies to gather information and deter competition. This wiki is a scientific wiki that uses tools from graph theory, staistical mechanics, and dynamical systems to study the real-world networks in different areas.


What needs to happen to have more effective scientific research

Overview of Social Networking's Impact on Health

Current Impact

Many times, a diagnosis can cause someone to feel lonely, confused, and hopeless. The internet, especially in social networking websites, can offer healthguide.jpgpeople a way to accept their illness, meet others going through the same treatments and pain, encourage others, keep in touch with loved ones, and conquer their loneliness. Some Health Care websites can help understand who they actually are and how to deal with depression, eating disorders or other health condition. For example is a social networking site that focuses to help people on their mental health treatment and wellness. There are community groups, such as health diarities, that people can join online to share their advice, stories, websites, and recommed doctors with information about diseases. The has many podcasts on health information such as how to prevent and look out for diseases and gives you daily ideas about boost up your well-being, energy and happiness. These community groups are like blogs that people can share information, respond and communicate with each other. . Many people use these community groups to help support each other such as sending other members of the community group a virtual hug. For example teens use Facebook and Myspace to connect and talk about serious issues, like how the disease has affected their life and how their idenitiy has changed over the period. Even though teens don't actually met those friends but they communicate and understand each other. Social Networking is a good way to help people form and develop their identities also help them to realized there are people like themselves.

(A News report on a Social Networking website,, that provide private STD/HIV testing, STD facts and the search of HIV members)

Social networking can help people to feel loved and belong but also causing people to neglect work, addiction, sexual abuse. Many teens who use social networks visit them at least once a day or several times a day. Teenagers usually use social networks at home computers most often which usually distract them from school work. For some teens, this internet addiction behavior can lead to school failure. Not only it will distract teens from work also resulting in in lack of healthy involvement in major areas- family, exercise, and sleep. Even though Social networks provide teens to connect with their friends but also meeting strangers. Nowadays it is easy for someone to find out information about others due to the post of profiles online. Recent year youth risk in onlne social networking communities, such as Myspace, Xanga, Facebook have increased. Sexual predators, child porngraphers, hate group recruiters and others can cause risk to teens. Myspace was once sued by parents of Sexual absue of children by Adult MySpace users. There dangerous adults that are masters at manipulating vulnerable teens. Teens can be harmed not only by dangerous adults but also other adolescences. Posing harmful material online or direct threats can cause major emotional harm to teens which can result in depression, school failure, violence, and suicide. Dangerious communities online can easily "control" teens mind to do stupid things. Youth in this dangerous communities discuss and share information about suicide, anorexia, hate group activities, bomb-making and more. Teen suicide is becoming more common each year around the world. They are confused and overwhelmed by problems in their life and joining these dangerous communites can result in more harmful thoughts and acitivies which can be harmful to themselves and others.


Social Networking and health care blogging have increased throughout the years, and it will be increasing every day. Even though social network website on health care will increase and help peopl with their illness but social networks might replace the outdoor or in person communications with family and other people with the internet. People will be less active in their lives which cause more sickness such as addiction, obesity, and etc.

What needs to happen to have more effective scientific research

To improve the health care on Social Networks, scientists will need to research the different problems, illness, caused by Social Networks to prevent sickness. Also the scientists will need to more collect information on health care and people will problems. They should communicate with people about this health care on social networking websites.

The future of Social Networking
Katrina H
(SAS) 2007

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