our Trend's Impact Employment, Politics and Government

2 Person Team - This team will analyze this trend's impact on two areas of society: employment and Politics & Government. Insert the name of your trend in the headline of the page as listed above.

Overview of this Trend's Impact on Employment

Current Impact

What job skills related to this trend, if any, need to be present in today's workforce?


What job skills related to this trend, if any, will need to be present in the work force within the next five years? What will a worker's life look like in 5 years that is different from today? (Note: this is a great place to insert the video.)

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Education? Society? Behavior? What needs to happen at the college level (and younger) to produce members of the work force who are competent in the future? What needs to change?

Overview of this Trend's Impact on Politics and Government

Include: elections, laws, the "mindset" of political leaders and governments, and the education of policy makers about the trend.

Current Impact

How is this trend impacting politics and government around the world today? Cite examples? Link to sources and share video? (If you have too many resources here, you may restructure this page slightly and perhaps create another wiki page.


How will politics and government change, if at all, because of this trend.

What needs to happen to have more effective governments

As it relates to this trend, what can or needs to happen in governments to make them more effective.

Resource Documentation

You will document the tools that you have used for this project here. Include your name. Remember to hyperlink to online websites that are used. Group and subgroup pages.
  • Collaborative Tool-

You and your partner MUST use del.icio.us to share hyperlinks and research See bookmarking your research. Each team member should hyperlink to all of their tags that include hz07 at this location. (This is not an RSS feed! Just a hyperlink.)
  • Creation Tools -

The tools that you use to create the things seen on this page. Sub pages go on the sub wiki pages. Cite the item that you created and the tools used to create it, along with any notes for someone who wishes to create it as well.
  • Citation Tool

What did you use to generate the citations on this page. (Citation format: MLA)


You will cite quotations and major sources of information for your wiki. If the source is an online source, you MUST also include a hyperlink embedded in the text as well. The method for citing sources on this wiki is that when you want to quote something, enclose it in quotes, then type the appropriate number in parentheses -- eg. if it is your first source (1) then in the credit section, number each source appropriately.

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