Social Networking in Business, Politics, and Government

Overview of Social Networking's Impact on Employment

Current Impact

In regards to the current impact of social networking in the job arena, it is easy to see that more and more social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace are beginning to catch onto the trend of setting up a place where workers can find each other and share information between themselves for inexpensive prices (just an internet connection) and faster connections.

Right now there are a plethora of sites which help those in search Monster.JPGof new jobs by being able to log-in and find what type of job criterion they are looking for and what they want in an employee. Places like Monster allow people to post their resume online and find jobs in their area whilst gaining feedback and recommendations from professionals all around the country or specifically in their area. What is great about this is that it allows anyone in the entire world to freely communicate and post their achievements online as well as look for work and get involved with the economy.


Places such as Ecademy allow people to register online with a specific workplace that they work in and share videos, blogs, and other information amongst themselves. About Ecademy and the Ecademy Ethos To build a strong business relationship, you must first gain Facebook_Work.JPGtrust from one another through having a personal relationship, this is critical before you can expect to move onto a relationship where a transaction or a referral can take place. Networking is not selling or personal promotion, it is about building a group of people whom you understand and help and in turn they may one day help you. As this is their primary mission statement you can see where the attitude towards forming relationships has transcended to things online and given people the opportunity and the ability to communicated across the world as Ecademy boasts its '150,000 work profiles worldwide.'"

The simplicity of being able to use a computer and being able to adequately portray what you want to communicate over the internet is something that is obviously needed as this trend becomes more successful and more widespread. Not only are men and women of the job force going to have to be willing to spend time on the computer, but they will also be at the company’s disposal as e-mail and “lightning fast” speeds of the internet never stop and are a 24-hour a day ordeal. Being at the company’s disposal will require longer working hours both within and outside the office.

What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

As our world turns the page to a more hand-held internet-friendly world wide wonder, the impact of education at a young age has transformed into a more interactive place where computers have in some ways taken over the traditional learning style of flashcards that teach you how to add, to now, a computer which interacts with you and that kids have to be technologically savvy about. Although this approach teaches kids at younger ages to be more in-tune with the technology surrounding their lives, in a way, is a set-back with growth and development as maybe the social psychology of a child can be altered and detrimental to their personality as they grow older; with the inability to be able to communicate aside from using the computer.
At the college level it would be appropriate to have classes in media science and the impact of media and technology (much like many high schools are doing around the world) and also a class that actively helps increase communication between students apart from online or through other technological mediums.

Overview of Social Networking's Impact on Politics and Government

Current Impact

MySpace has been such a humongous discussion in today's world. MySpace has been a big contributor for everything that has happened with online child predators and older people trying to meet up with others. Although you can make your profile private, some open their it to everyone in the world. What has become an important topic is how you can lie about your age and profile picture and try to entice someone into giving out information that needs to be kept to them self.

MySpace right now is currently beginning to hold a Mock Presidential Primary. It will be very interesting to see how the MySpace users vote and the actual outcome will be. Many of the Politicians that are running for presidency are getting a MySpace so they can get feedback on what the users and members of MySpace have for them. This election on this popular site could tell the candidates where they stand in the Presidential Elections.

In recent news the DOPA Act has caused quite a stir. The DOPA act (Deleting Online Predators Act) would keep public schools from getting on social networking websites such as Wikis, blogs, and Skype if it were to pass. This is preventing the children in public schools and other schools that are affected from communicating with others in their school and other schools. With Wikis and Skype you can communicate with students and teachers that are across the world. This is affecting the children in the long run because they will not have the social skills that they will need to have.

Andrew G. Westwood Schools Video


Government and politics can and probably will change in the future because of restrictions being put on MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking websites. The government will be cracking down on people that are purposely telling a lie about their age trying to lure children and others that are too young for them. Also, in the 2008 Presidential Election a major issue could be social networking websites and the online predators that are on there all the time.

What needs to happen to have more effective governments

I think to have a more effective government they should get their own accounts on these websites. Governments could easily get undercover profiles to track these online predators. I know it sounds like they are trying to invade on someone's private page, but when someone breaks the law the government officials have the right to intrude on someone's personal business.

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