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Overview of Social Networking's Impact on the Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Social Networks external image srrespite102002-1.gifare "platforms for self-expression."

Social Networking websites are social structures created for people of all audiences. There is an array of different social networking websites featured on the Internet. People are creating their own spaces which allows them to connect and communicate with others of the same interest. Social Networks give people the freedom to voice their opinions and allows people to teach and learn from others. Everyone is looking for a place to fit in and social networks are giving that opportunity to anyone with access to the Internet. People spend their time searching for materials that grab their attention. Social networks gives individuals their own community to belong to. More and more people are getting involved in the arts, and Social Networks are one way that people are gathering information about books, music, photography, film making, etc. Networking websites are connecting people from around the globe because of the worldwide passion for the arts.

Current Impact


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MySpace is a popular networking site where many musical artists today are getting their "big break." These musicians have easy access to fans all over the world without having to go on tour or spend money on recording and selling a demo. Musicians can easily post their music, blogs, information about merchandise, and upcoming shows. Posting music on Networking sites helps make independent musicians' music go "viral." The number of users of MySpace increases by 250,000 new members daily, which is definitely a promising number of new music enthusiasts.

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Purevolume is another popular social networking website where bands can post their photos, music, shows, merchandise, music videos, etc.It also gives lesser known bands the opportunity to gain feedback from potential fans and sometimes potential record deals. Purevolume gives musicians an easy and effecient way to share their information and start spreading the word about their music. Musicians can also post ringtones of their music for people to download to their telephones on purevolume and MySpace which is just another simple way of getting fans to introduce their favorite music to their own friends.
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Stolen Mix Tape is a promotional/media sharing website where independent musicians can connect with different audiences interested in music. Musicians can add their music by podcasts, disperse show information, share their photos publicly, and collaborate with other users. People that are interested in local, undiscovered music use Stolen Mix Tape to find new music.

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MySpace is used by young filmmakers to get their independent videos on the Internet while allowing feedback and comments from other filmmakers and audiences. Having the opportunity to communicate with other filmmakers can make it easier to get a video off and running. Also, almost all movie previews on television give you a MySpace link to that movie, an example is Having a link to newly released movies gives Internet users access to movie reviews, soundtracks, plot summaries, and trailers.
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YouTube is an widely used and popular social networking website where anyone can share videos with each other. This can be anything from home videos, to a television series, to a movie that has not come out yet. Videos on the site can be rated and commented on.[1]

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Amateur and expert photographers can use Flickr, a social networking website, to post their photos and get feedback from other photographers. Flickr provides an easy way to organize and share photos with anyone, anyway you want to.

iStockphoto is a website where photographers can post their own pictures and potentially have someone buy their work. external image logo_istockphoto.gifThis website gives photographers the opportunity to see what consumers honestly like and don't like by having people look at and possibly buy their photographs.

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Fotki is a networking site that allows you to share photos. It has over 5,000,000 monthly visitors and over 150,000,000 saved pictures. It is a large site where friends and families can share and communicate with anyone. There is also a Fotki Store where you can construct and sell photo books, calendars, T-shirts, etc.

PbLogo.170.g.nobevel.gif.jpgPhotobucket, The web's most popular center for sharing media and pictures on websites such as MySpace, Xanga, Facebook, Blogger, etc. Users of Photobucket also share their digital media by Instant Messages, mobile phones, and E-mail.


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A social networking site for book recommendations is goodreads. Goodreads allows people to see what their friends and people around the world are reading, keep up with what you have already read and what books you would like to read, find book reviews, and "make reading fun again."


What needs to happen to produce employees who are ready for the business world in the future:

Most schools frown upon using Social Networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, and YouTube because of the distraction these websites can cause for students. Schools, colleges, and other places of education need to realize that Social Networks on the Internet allow people to connect and come together around one main topic or idea. Schools need to teach students how to be "social" and how to be effective collaborators because of theexternal image business-people.jpg social world they are growing up in. Social Networks will not only change students' social outlook on things, but will help them see different ways to look at education. Using Networking sites in the corporate world gives businesses a running start to new ideas, expand their knowledge, and collaborate with others in the same working field, but that aren't even in the same country.

Managing director and senior analyst at investment firm Piper Jaffray, Safa Rashtchysays, "social networks, are poised to shape the Internet's future." Although he is a skeptic about how they will make money he says, "social networks such as are already challenging traditional portals." From looking at a measure of monthly page views, MySpace, for example, has surpassed MSN and AOL. Rashtchy said, and its traffic equals roughly 75 percent of Yahoo's, the No. 1 site on the Web. [2]

Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure Copyright protection

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Current Impact

"Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from 'All Rights Reserved' to 'Some Rights Reserved'." The Creative Commons, founded by Lawrence Lessie, is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the opportunity for people to create, copy, and share legally. The Creative Commons License permits copyright holders to give some or all of their rights to the public while maintaining others through different contracting and licensing methods. The purpose is to avert current problems dealing with copyright laws and sharing information.

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Lawrence Lessig speaking about the intentions of The Creative Commons License.


Many candidates for the next Presidential election have made their own MySpace page to get the word out about their plans if they become President. A few of the candidates that have MySpace profiles include: Hillary Clinton (, John McCain (, Barack Obama ( MySpace also offers MySpaceImpact, where you can find all the other candidates' profiles. MySpaceImpact is "A place to make aimpact_lb_b.gif difference," and features impact awards, impact videos, impact presidential focus, impact featured videos, impact events, and impact news.


"Social networks. They can be defined as social structures made up of individuals and organizations linked by one or more type of relationship or commonality."[4] Because of this definition of Social networking, government can be considered to be one of the earliest social networks in history. Government is turning to Social networks because of the undeniable use of the Web by citizens to share opinions and ideas. MySpace is actually holding a mock election next January for the upcoming presidential candidates. Eventually, I think that all elections will be held over the Internet because almost all people have their own computers at their homes and have access to the Internet. Also, many people are involved with social networks. People are constantly looking for the easy way to get things done, and using social networks over your own computer at home is much simpler than having to find a voting booth in your area.

What needs to happen to have more effective governments?

By using social networks, governments could have the opportunity to gain access to communication between elected officials, government agencies, political agencies, and legislative bodies. Comments from the public about land planning, environmental development, or state transportation would also be available for them through the use of Social networks.

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