Using Evoca

Creating and Sharing Audio Messages and Podcasts


The Horizon Project is being sponsored by Evoca to facilitate audio messages and podcasts. We found Evoca to be very successful for the Flat Classroom Project and encourage all participants to use this once again.
For this project we have an upgraded to a PRO account that everyone can use. The Horizon Project Evoca home page is where all of our introductions and podcasts will be located. All participants in the Horizon Project will receive the login and password information in order to upload audio files or record directly into the Evoca interface online.
There are a number of other excellent features provided by Evoca that we will use and explore during this project.

Features include

  • With EvocaMic™ create a recording straight to your account with your computer microphone
  • Upload any recording in MP3 or WAV format
  • Use EvocaTell™ to record, listen, tag, assign to groups or albums or comment on any recording (Professional accounts only)
  • Make recordings over Skype™ (Professional accounts only)
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for new recordings in any profile or group
  • Access friendly, custom URLs to your profile, albums and groups
  • Post recordings to your blog with one click
  • Embed your recordings into your website
  • Search recordings word for word. Really.
  • Order human-powered translations and transcriptions of any recording
  • Share recordings using tags and groups
  • Search and listen to other Evoca members
  • Make any recording public or private
  • Email recordings to your friends
  • Keep track of your favorite recordings
  • Make comments on any recording
  • Download recordings in MP3 format

Getting started

  • Go to and login
  • Go to My Home and contribute a recording (record live or upload a pre-recorded file)
  • Use the FAQ page and the How it Works page to learn more
  • Start by recording an introduction to YOU! and embed the Evoca widget onto the group wiki page
  • Watch this screencast showing how to get started with Evoca (note: this was created for the Flat Classroom Project so please remember to join the Horizon Project account. However you may like to also have your own personal account as well).

Leave a message here

Use the Evoca browser mic to ask a question or leave a short comment.
Here is an example of the player (widget) as it appears on the wiki page. I recorded this using the browser mic below. The recording is then available from the HorizonProject Evoca home page. The HTML code is easily copied and pasted into a wiki page by clicking on the 'blue TV' in the tool bar in edit mode.